how much power needed for mid-high frequencies?

Hello out there.I`m using a JRDG Concentra 2(250w in 8 omhs)to drive my Apogee Duetta signature(4 omhs & inneficient speakers.)I want to drive it in a vertical amplification way using a tuve single end amp for the midrange/tweeters.

How much power needed for mid/highs?

Will be necesary with volume control?

In a $4000 TO $5500 range which?I like a 300b or the new Art Audio PX25(but is just 6 watts).

My sistem:
SCD-1 as a transport
Cello reference d/a(108db A weigted)
JRDG Concentra 2
Apogee Duetta signature

THANKS, for any help about & sorry for all these questions.
My "guess" is that this is not a low powered tube friendly speaker. Others with more direct experience with these speakers will have to confirm or deny that statement though. Sean
Why not post this question on the forum board of the Apogee Acoustics Users Group. Just cut and paste the link below into your browser's address box, sign in, and post your question as a new topic:

Most flat panel speakers(and the Apogee Duetta signature is in this group) thrive on high current monster amps that
really crank "the juice" into low impedances . I have
not had direct experience with your speakers but I would
be very hesitant(sp?) about using tubes !!

Thanks and GOOD LUCK !!!

I meant to mention that there are many threads on the Apogee forum about bi-amping ribbon speakers. For some enlightening reading, you may want to do a search on “bi-amp” and “bi-amping” when you get there.

Since you’re a tube fan, you may also want to do a search for “Llano” on this forum. The Llano Trinity is an interesting hybrid amplifier many Apogee owners like. Also, take a look at Llano’s site for additional info:

Good luck with your system!
Thank`s Sean,Mechdudel & Geddie for your oppinion.I will consider all this help in my dessition.