How much power is too much power. how about 20,000 watts

Ok a little fun here I was searching for class D amps for a project and came across this listing on Amazon for a mono car amp that supposedly puts out 20,000 watts. so how much power do you need? Haha if your not using it to play music you could always weld with it, wonder what different genres would do for welding patterns?

Genius G4B-10.1DK 20000 Watts-Max Car Amplifier Monoblock Class-D

I really could use a few more watts wonder if this would be lauder then my 8wpc SET. ;-) 

 happy Tuesday.  


ps, this is only fun not here to start an argument or discussion about peak-RMS-etc. 
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Sounds like a small headphone amp to me.
Who remembers the scene in Back to the Future when Michael J Fox  got thrown across the room playing  a chord through the megawatt amp? :)
Impossible. You cannot physically generate that much wattage from a 12V battery. Even 110 VAC has a physical limit of about 1500 W. Ain't marketing grand?
At normal listening volume a typical amplifier only has to deliver ten or twelve watts to a reasonably efficient speaker; I've never had an amplifier rated at more than 100 watts RMS output; current tube amp is rated at half that and it's more than enough. Reminds me of the old saying; "speed is expensive; how fast do you want to go?" relative to old muscle cars.
I think it’s a 10000 watt mono amp at least that’s what it shows down in the specification section. The ad is for 2 of them I believe , either way it’s overkill unless you want to losen all the bolts in your car.
I know silly really, I wondered how they power it to get that much power out. Ok I know its not really putting out that much, I've seen power amps for radio broadcasting and they are huge and require a lot of cooling and input power.