How much power is needed for Martin Logan Ascents?

I am getting a set of Ascent i speakers. I am looking to buy an amp for them. How much power would I need to make them sing? I am open to tube or solid state.
You had the speakers before in '06 and supposedly had good results with the Rowland 201's according to this thread :

Or was this not the case ?
You are correct. I liked the speakers so I am purchasing them again. I am looking at amps and am considering a lower powered amp. I wanted to know if anyone has experience with the Ascents and if you need alot of power for them to be at their best.
I would check the minimum impedance; the Spires go very low, these may also. With many speakers it is not the rated power so much as how they handle low impedance loads.
Sanders ESL amplifier.
I owned a pair of Ascent i Logans for 2 years and powered them with a number of different amps from original atma-sphere MA-1s with speltz auto formers to 2 Rotel 1090s (too bright) to Jolida 300A monos to a Mesa Baron which was the best amp I had on those speakers and the only piece of audio equipment that I wish I never would have sold. These speakers like power, and Stanwal is correct they dip to below 2ohms up in the higher end of the frequency spectrum. I could never get the bass to integrate with the panels to my liking and believe me I tried. So I ended up selling them here and have not looked back.

Also Pal you didn't mention what your budget is, that will make a rather large difference in your possible choices. I will say that I just picked up a Wyred 4 Sound ST-500 250wpc class d amp and am totally impressed with this amps sound. It should powre the Ascent i speakers just fine and is around 1k used.