How much power for Teledyne AR-9's

both tube and solid state. Really looking for recommendations in amplification under 2K.

Thanks -
HMMM, great speaker, I sold mine a few years ago. I liked the Aragon 4004 MKII with them (around $800 used) giving you 400w. I would say get something 200w minimumm ofcourse you can go less but you will never be able to crank and hear what those babies can really do. I never did tubes but did use Parasound, Aragon, Carver and Rotel with great results. For such an older model you may want to just get a great used amp for cheap. Thats an awesome speaker and I wish I kept mine, cheers
Well my wife just showed me a picture of a Phase Linear D-500 series II and said Merry Christmas!!! It should be here next week sometime so I guess we will seen what the 9's think of it!!!!
Congrats and happy holidays!
I have had my AR9's since I bought new in 1982. I used to drive them with a Yamaha M-2, then a M-80. I have gone to a Canary Audio CA-301 mkii 22w 300b tube amplifier. Much better sound and never any lack of power... deep controlled bass, beautify mid and high.

I also use Synergistic Research Resolution Ref cables... wonderful upgrade to sound.
Back in the early 80's I ran my AR9's with a Phase Linear D-400 then a 400 watt Hafler.I used a Phase Linear 200 pre and then an Apt Holman with the Hafler.I'm sorry to have to disagree with some of the posters.I always felt that their impressive looks far exceeded their sound.Maybe they needed more then the 400 Watts I was feeding them.
I see this an old thread but...

You lucky dog!!! What a wonderful wife.

Have you hooked it up? What do you think? Do you still have it?
I bi-amp with my 700 series II's and have only dreamed of owning one of these! Never could afford them years ago.
Do you have any trouble with hum? These things put out so much of a field that they induced hum in other equipment. Really had to experiment with isolation and placement.
If you ever consider selling your D-500 please let me know? I'm sure I can just get in line!