How much Jolida WPC do you recommend?

How much power or which Jolida intergrated tube amp model should I seriously consider as I delve into the seductive world of tube amps? It appears tube amp output is qualitatively different from solid state from my readings. I'm naturally attracted to the Jolida 1000A (100 wpc) but they're hard to find used. Would the Jolida's 302/502 (50/60 wpc respectively) be enough to work with my Def Tech 2000's or Aerial 6 speakers to give me a satisfying tube experience? Or should I hold out for the Jolida 802/1000 (70/100 wpc respectively). I eagerly await the community's thoughts and wisdom.
i'm running my vandersteen 3a sigs (87db/6ohm) in a 14x18x9 room with a stock 50 watt 302b. most discs at 9:00 the most i ever needed was 1:00. all the jolida amps are great buys but the 302 has the most bang for the buck. can you demo them to see which one you like?

aloha keith
I like the 502B the best since it uses KT88 (upgrade) over the EL34's of the 302. It has amazing dynamics along with audible bass notes for the low end. It will drive most any speaker in existence to listening level. I use a modded Silver Reference 502b with Silverline audio SonatinaII speakers (92dB)and I never use it over half volume. They are only $1,025 brand new, and in my opinion has more bang for the buck than a 302. (I like deep bass notes that are heard)You can demo them at a local dealer.