How much is the industry accomodation

Hi, anyone have an idea what the industry accomodation discount percentage is for audio reviewers? I'm just curious. I'm guessing it is around 50% off retail price?
It depends on the piece of equipment, company, and many other issues. No one has the same cost, or mark up...

I have purchased several things at the 'industry accomodation, and some were quite a bit less than your 50% discount.

I think reviewers get stuff for much less than 'dealer cost' but I couldn't prove than in court.

Why do you want to know?



I think 100% off is more typical, and the vendors are very happy to do it for the free advertisment & pr. I'm sure there are exceptions.
Much of the time, it's not even necessary to pay, as they get equipment as loaners that they keep for many months (and sometimes years). In fact, an occasional problem is reviewers not returning equipment, as they have tremendous power over the industry and manufacturers tend to be reluctant to cross them. The large majority of two-channel manufacturers are close to, if not completely, mom and pop operations for whom a $1 million in yearly revenues is only a dream -- a negative word in a magazine like TAS or Stereophile can be devastating.

An example of the strength of the magazines generally is when Stereophile dropped Dunlavy's bread-and-butter SC-IV/A speaker from "Class A" to "Class B" in its Recommended Components list. I am not alleging any impropriety on the part of Stereophile or anyone else, but my dealer (who is a good dealer) said this was the beginning of the end for Dunlavy.
It depends on how flattering the review is....
Thanks for the info. I was just feeling jealous that a reviewer can get almost any set of nice speakers or audio equipment at undisclosed discount prices.
Easy become a reviewer, anyone can do this, you don't even need to write well,soon your rooms will fill with free stuff