How much is a Rotel RCD-1072 or RCD-1520 worth?

All - 

I've been out of the market for a long time.  Looking to get a competent CD player, and having worked in the industry years ago I know Rotel is a solid choice.  After reading a lot of opinions, it seems like a RCD-1072 or a RCD-1520 would be a good fit.

The question is this:  How much are they each worth?  I saw a 1520 on eBay for $490, which looked high considering you can get a variety of other players for not much more; and 1072s seem to be between $300 and $350.  

Or are there other players I should consider under $500?  (I still have a lot of CDs, hence looking at a player.  Open to using my cheap Sony DVD player with a DAC if that'd be better.)

Thanks in advance.
The Rotel RCD-1072 is running between $300-$350. The RCD-1520 is around $450-$500. IMHO, the RCD-1072 is the better machine. The RCD-1072 is one of my favorite all-time CD players.  An excellent machine.

Another one you might consider is the Emotiva ERC-3. This is a SWEET CD player and built like a frickin’ tank. They are on sale right now for $399 and come with free shipping, 30 day trial and a 5 year warranty.