How much $ in TT to better my MBL stuff??

I currently have the MBL 6010D preamp ,1611F dac and 1621A transport- I am also using all Tara zero cables-At what level TT will hear an improvement over the cd??
- also how good is the phono section of the MBL??
_ any rec. would be helpful-
Between $2 and $4000 Lenco.
Idler wheel drive vintage table, in an appropriate plinth and decent arm and cartridge will bring the magic of analog into your ears.
The Lenco is rock solid timing and stability. Why spend thousands more on belt drives?
Probably a whole lot less than you've already spent on your MBL CD player. I would suggest dipping your toe into the TT marketplace with something used in the $2000 range or less, including cartridge. You can then see if a larger investment is warranted or now. If it is, you should be able to turn around your recent purchase for what you paid for it.

However, to get the most out of vinyl you will need clean records, so invest in a Disk Doctor kit or something similar also,

Dear Bebop86: IMHO I think that the subject it is necessary about " how much money.. " but a little more on know-how and not only know-how on what items but very important know-how on setup.

If you are totally new to analog then my advise is that you go for something where you can find support/advise about like Galibier TTs.

Other alternative is that you go for your self and try to find a Technics SP-10MK2 ( 600-700 dls. ), a tonearm: this one is very good with that TT:
and a Sumiko Celebration MC cartridge or a Nagaoka MP-500 or B&O MMC2 MM cartridges. This kind of rig could beat your Redbook.

About the MBL phono stage IMHO is a decent one, not the best out there but it's ok and you already own it.

Regards and enjoy the music.