How much freq. response is necessary for HDTV

I own a Pioneer Elite Pro-800 using component video output from a Scientific Atlanta 3100HD for my 1080i source.
My question is how wide does the composite video freq.resp. on a pre/pro have to be so I won't notice a difference between running direct to the monitor or through the pre/pro? I love the picture and do not want to loose picture quality.
I'm thinking about purchasing an Outlaw 950 pre/pro but noticed it's only rated out to 45MHZ with others showing 100MHZ.Is this necessary??? Will 45MHZ be enough??? Should I look elsewhere?
Good question. I also suggest trying it on
The 45 is actually adequate to transfer a component signal. Many switchers have numbers up to 200. I have such a switcher; the Inday 4x1. It was only 150. ( I guess I feel there is safety in numbers --- Such as 200 vs 45. Also make sure you have good silver content,cables.