How much for two 20A lines?

My electrician is coming tomorrow to size up the job to run 2 20A lines on 10 gauge Romex from the service panel to my equipment rack.

For those of you who have done it, what did it cost?
I asked for an estimate over the phone, and got: "I don't want to tell you 400.00 and have it cost 600.00..."
I depends on where you live. If you live in New York--it won't be anywhere close to that--multiply by about 4 or more. Electricians can charge just about anything there--and usually do. I had a much more complicated dedicated lines run in my home in Maryland and the whole thing was only $500. It was VERY reasonable (I was actually pleasantly surprised when I got the bill).
I live on the NJ side of the Delaware River across from Philadelphia.
It cost me about $450 in Dallas. About 200 feet away and 1 story up.
About $100 an outlet plus material markup.

This is assuming you have space in the panel for two more breakers. If not, then it's up in the air since the only option you'll have is a subpanel. You'll need to have the feed-thru lugs freed up in order to catch a subpanel.
Worst case: subpanel ($24.00), main breaker($9.00), two 20-A breakers ($10.00), 2 outlets ($20.00 stsd), 2 boxes ($4.00), hardware ($20.00) and 250-feet 10/2 Romex ($100.00), 2-outlet labor ($220.00), subpanel labor ($100) totals about $500.00

Of course, if you're going the Wattgate-FIM-cryo route, then a lot lot more.
I live on Long Island. It cost me $150 to have one installed two years ago. It was part of a bigger job so it might have cost a bit more if it was stand-alone. The installation included about 50 feet of 10-gauge wire, one 20A outlet, and one circuit breaker.
Slipknot1, I live on the Philly side of the Delaware. I just talked to an electrician today (who I happen to work with). He's going to schedule some time to come over my house and run 2 dedicated lines. I bought 2 PS Audio Power Ports, he can get the 10 gauge Romex. I don't expect mine to cost much, because my outlets are only about 5 feet from the breaker box. I was wondering though, I've heard people recommend getting the grounds isolated as well. I don't know what this means, but I'll ask him when he comes over. Does anyone here know what that means? Should the lines each have it's own isolated ground? He's very busy, but he said he should have it done by Thanksgiving. I'll let you know what it cost then.

give me a case of beer on a free saturday + materials.....

yeah, there really are bluecollar audiophiles. On a job like that it depends on the run, $400-500 would be a fair price
I put in one 20 amp outlet and breaker myself. Total cost for material 50 bucks. The hardest part was patching all the holes in the drywall.
Ok folks, here it goes: the electrician is at my house right now. Having 2 20 amp lines run from panel to equipment area on 10/2 Romex (god, that stuff is thick and stiff), each line on it's own isolated ground. Terminating into 2 boxes, side by side, with Hubble hospital grade isolated ground duplex recepticals. While he is there, he is also installing whole house surge protection on the 200 amp service. Given the additional 200.00, it's a worthwhile investment. The job is costing more than I had hoped, but it's gonna make my equipment much happier....(my ears too, I suspect)
10/2 Romex? The point of isolated ground recepticles is to seperate the recepticle ground pin away from the yoke (mounting strap) and the metal box (if used). Would have expected to see 10/3 with ground Romex in this situation. Green tape over red wire to denote ground.

So what's the $ breakdown for the install?