How Much $ for my Micro Seiki DD 40 Turntable?


As I’ve upgraded I have to sell my vintage Micro Seiki DD 40. (Originally given to me by my audiophile father-in-law, who bought it when original and kept in in great condition).

In doing a bit of research apparently the DD 40 was a real gem and fairly coveted.

That link mentions a DD 40 in excellent condition will sell for around $600 USD, but I’ve seen them selling for more. I’m trying to fine tune my price given what I’d be offering.

Mine also has the highly regarded MA-505 tonearm as well. It’s a gorgeous turntable in beautiful condition, with original working dustcover. Speed seems fine in 33 but just a bit uneven in 45. Apparently there are some relatively simple fixes for the speed, but I’m too lazy and no handy-man type so haven’t bothered.

It would come with an original Ortofon MC 20 cartridge. (So, obviously, well used).

Can anyone here suggest a fair and likely-to-sell price for this turntable?

I also have an Ortofon MCA-76 MC amplifier, which apparently is also something of a vintage gem. Looks like they go from between $360-$480 USD. My turntable guru pal suggests I sell it separately from the turntable.

Also have an original Astatic MF-400 cartridge that came with the turntable, that I never used. I figure on selling that separately but it’s hard to find second hand prices on that thing.

Thanks for any help. I plan to sell this locally if possible, as I have no box.

(BTW, if there is a more highly populated turntable forum where I may get more answers, please let me know. Being relatively new to this section of the A-gon forums, I’m not sure how popular it is relative to other vinyl/turntable forums).