How much for an entry Naim system?

I was thinking of upgrading from a NAD Bee and cp 542 to an entry level Naim amp and player for a small room.Can any experts here give me a rough figure what I would be spending and maybe more importantly does Naim equipment have good synergy with paradigm studio 20 v3`s and a audioquest king cobra interconnect?

Thankyou in advance
A Nait 5i ($1625)and CD5i ($1795)is the entry level system from Naim. You can find all of the Naim US prices at: On Audiogon you can find those pieces for about 1/2 price. Be aware that Naim just recently upgraded these to the new(i) or italyzed version this is sometimes shown as Nait 5i-2 and CD5i-2. Most of the units available on this site are from the older series. I have not heard this system with Paradigms although this system is generally wonderful with many moniter sized speakers.
I have a Naim Uniti and LOVE IT! It is one unit. Amp/pre/CD/Tuner and wireless for access to a music server (pc)and internet radio. I have it paired with Harbeth 7es speakers.