How much does your system retail for?

$23,000 - $24,000 I estimate. (Two channel, this does not include TV, VCR, etc.)

Please, keep the exagerations to a minumum, do not count CD's, equipment you have bought and sold, is packed away that you don't use anymore, etc..

Put the total first so it shows up at the begining of your post.

This is just for fun and curiosity of the diversity on here, don't take it to seriously. Simply evaluate what the retail value of your system is.
Approx $18,000 but I only started about 4 months ago after my divorce was finalized......
Damn Guys, I spent less than $2,000. Now I feel unworthy..... Do they have an audioloser website? I must admit in my defense for being so cheap and poor, that I do have some other hobbies. I love wine, modern art and furniture, and my Porsche.

Great thread!

Great thread!guys let see mine is about $14000.00 let's keep it going !!!
In total, under $7500.

Wow. I am in awe of some of these set ups. Some of these systems reflect higher dollar figures than what my wife and I make in a year! And we're doin' pretty darn well, we're in the top 5% in average salaries. Congrats to all of you who have the time and the means to be extravagant. Why not! This is a great hobby. If I hit it big in the lottery, I'll do it too! Listen well.