How much does your system retail for?

$23,000 - $24,000 I estimate. (Two channel, this does not include TV, VCR, etc.)

Please, keep the exagerations to a minumum, do not count CD's, equipment you have bought and sold, is packed away that you don't use anymore, etc..

Put the total first so it shows up at the begining of your post.

This is just for fun and curiosity of the diversity on here, don't take it to seriously. Simply evaluate what the retail value of your system is.
$72,848 exactly (Today). I keep a spread sheet of all of my audio purchases and sales.
$215.00 is what I paid for the system new. "Audiophiles" who have listened to my system have guessed it to be in the $5,000 - $10,000 range.
About $64,000 total $44K music $20K home theater
Way too much... over 150k.
$32,200 and everyone think,s iam crazy. YEP and ive enjoyed everybit of those 32,000.
About $24K, more then I can afford.
$35,000.00 two channel playback $8,000.00 on seperate theater
$32,757 excluding rack and amp stands, plus about $2000 in room treatment. plus about $5000 of crap in the closet not currently in use.
I have to admit, this surprised even me. My total came to $188, 950.00. This covers the interconnects in the surround sound as well, but not the rest of the gear. The software would be very difficult to add up, I'm glad the question was equipment only.
$37,700 Just for Amp, preamp, CDP, Speakers, and cables; not counting over 1000 cds, TV, DVD, and VCR.
$45K in 2 channel and another $20K in HT.
Wow. I'm at around the 6k level, but steadily climbing...can't take it with you or something like that...
All but 3 here cost more than my house!! I have about $11000.00 retail but paid about $6000 in actual cost.Albert, if you would donate one of your "extra" IC's to me I could probably pay off my house!! :)
i was too embarrased to post when i first saw this thread. i'm now happy to report that my audio-only system is quite modest, coming in at only 45.51% of albertporter's.- kelly
I am with David, I barely spent $10,000 and I thought I was hot stuff. Like a fool, I bought it all new (wish I knew about Audiogon back then). Well for now, I have kids to put through college. Maybe when I am an empty nester I could be more like Al but for now I can only dream.
I hate to break the theme, especially as I started it, but nobody should be ashamed at what they have spent! I am actually quite surprised at the amounts that are being posted and still believe that there have to be many posters out there in the sub 10K range.

Everyone of us started somewhere.
About $45,000.00 but don't tell my wife.
Equipment price does not equate directly to musical enjoyment. I am almost embarrassed at the value of mine, but understand it was accumulated over 30 years of improvements. Considering I spend part of my career as a rep. in the audio business, where some incredible deals were to be had, I began with an unfair advantage.
How much did everyone spend on room design and or acoustical products?
Approximately $16,000 and soon to be $22,000. Albert and Kelly, now you've given me a new perspective. Wow!
nice subject. Up to now I have never added it up all up. The total kinda scares me. $18,000.00 oh my! That total is for all the "stereo" stuff, which includes older seldom-used equipment I can't seem to part with. My wife thinks I should look into a 12 step program for audio NUTs.
Who is the lucky dealer, Albert?
About $85,000 in equipment for my main system. About $10,000 in listening room modifications (the concrete was cheap) and acoustical treatments.
Funny you should ask. Since I've been on the upgrade path lately I added it up the other day. I'm in at $22,000 retail for my main system (two channel). I still have some components that are 7 to 8 years old, so this has been done over time. Now I've got to add up the stuff that's hiding in the closet.
Im at $68,385.00 in 2 channel audio. Why do I look here for new stuff here 6 times a day?
Interesting that others keep a spreadsheet of their expenditures, too. Mine also has a list of the planned upgrades, wish list items, etc.

Retail price of my system is about $15K. The out of pocket cost has been less than $10K due to a few good deals on Audiogon and other places on the Internet.
As recently as Christmas, retail on my 2-channel system was just over $80,000, but as many of us do from time-to-time, I'm on a "value" kick right now, downsizing to get "almost as good" sound at a fraction of the cost. My system (retail) is now about $32,000, and I'm just as happy as I was before! I'm getting about as low as I'll go though, I'd like to downgrade my speakers still and sell some extra cables, then I'd probably be done. So about $25K is my target. The stock market is down you know!!
$8,500 for 2 channel audio and just a poor college student!
Evansdad: yeah, I know what you mean. Lately, I've been considering selling my entire system to scoop up some of the great deals to be had in the market. But, then I would have to buy it all again in a few months.

your system came in at $1850 more than the recent apprasal of my Condominium, not including the furniture though.
$3,500 for my secondary systems, which is a joy to listen to, consisting of a CD player (Musical Fidelity X-RAY), integrated amp (Musical Fidelity X-A2) and cool speakers (NHT 2.9) plus about $110 in cables...

It was put together on a budget, and it is one of the best sub-$4K systems I have ever heard, with great imaging, detail and decent bass. It proved to me that you could do pretty good Hifi for the price of a second-hand Honda. This system currently lives in my living room.

Whenever I have friends come over that oooohh and aaahh over the big system, then get depressed because they know they can't afford that much, it is great to take them in to the living room, play the relatively inexpensive system, have them oooh and aaah to a lesser extent, and then realise THEY TOO can afford to get in to this.

I have had some great fun helping others get started in the sub-$3K range, even in the sub-$1K range. There have to be tons of others out here that enjoy their systems in this price range... Show yourselfs, please?! Encourage others on a budget!

(My primary system for Stereo would retail a bit higher... Don't keep track, really)
My two channel hi-fi in it's current state is at about $42,200. This does not include records and CD's. I typically do one major upgrade each year. Thanks, Doug
A little over 20K and climbing. I need help.
Retail for my two channel is a bit over 92k. But I live in N.CA so at least it is still a small % of my home cost. How's that for rationalization!
about $37,000 but I refuse to actually add it up. I know I can't afford that much.
This is surprising to me, including all the spare NOS tubes I keep (at what they cost now, not when new), I'm close to $135K. A lot of this I bought when it cost less years ago, and most I got used so I've spent far less than the current list prices, but still, this is far more than I thought it was. And as Albert says, good thing we don't include the software.
$42,600 for just the two channel electronics and cables.
Damn guys, maybe it's just me, but this thread is uncomfortably close to getting out the measuring tape to see who's got the longest johnson... Just like in high school, some of us can't compete.
Yeesh.... WE ARE SICK !!!! Reading all of this and figuring out just one of my systems really puts things into perspective. My "little" system in the computer room ended up at just over $18,000. With four more systems to go and two of them being WAY, WAY bigger, i DON'T even want to THINK about what i've spent. On top of this, i have spares of everything. Whoever started this thread should be "punished" for making us "see the light" : ) Can you imagine if our spouses fumbled across this thread ??? Most of us would be "neutered" ala Bobitt : ) Sean
$14,000.00 You know this could be the equivalent of a "scared straight" program for a newbie.
40K and still going. 2 channel only
Whoa, I figured the median to about $10-15k. Mine is $5200, retail, soon to be around $7k with the addition of a turntable. I'm still just a college student though, so i can wear my audio insanity with pride.
I'm @~$30K for strictly 2-channel, but these reports surpise me too: I read one survey where only about 10% of rigs ran over $20K. Probably the bigger spenders have more of a tendency to report here?
Retail would be considerably higher than what I actually paid for this nonsense, but I figure each system breaks down to the following: $2,800, $2,700, $1,900, $1,500, $1,200, and $600. It probably would have made more sense to put together one killer system, due to always trying to make each system better, however I can always find a place in my house away from other family members to listen. This brings me to another topic, how many systems do others have? I know most households have a television in every room, how many audio systems do we have.
Yeah Sean, if my wife stumbled on this thread I'd probably wind up in divorce court. Then I'd have to sell the stuff to pay for the divorce. Since she believes it's my job to make the money, but HER job to spend it. Maybe in the long run 5 or 10 years from now I'd be better off bitting the bullet and giving her the money now. I saw a local guy selling great gear at ridiculous prices because he was getting married. I told him not to do it because in 3 or 4 years he'd be questioning if he kept the wrong passion. How twisted is that. Lucky for me my shrink has the same values as me (that's why I picked him). He told me I wasn't nuts, that the guy selling his gear was.
About $15,000 in two channel plus about $6000 in HT.
Retail 75,000 Black Market price around 20,000. What a steal
22.5k, but that is always changing as new pieces come and go; some more expensive, some less. What was the motive for this question?
Incredible. I really have questioned my sanity up to this point, now I know years of intensive therapy lie ahead. (8k retail, 4.7 k actual, accumulated over the past 5 years)

It's reassuring to know i'll be in good company.
~$ 7,000 retail, paid 4,300 due to used speakers (Meadowlark H.R. Shearwaters), and a good deal on a new integrated amp, Cary sli80, budget cables & wires, (DH Labs silver sonic), and a "cheap" CD player, Marantz cd63se, which is the next thing to be replaced, which will put my new reatail value ~ 8 or 9K. And my friends think I'M crazy! I've got about 25% of my $$ in CD's.