How much does power grid load effect the sound?

This past week, we're suddenly hitting 104-107 degrees every day. What kind of effect (if any) might the heavily taxed power grid have on the sound quality of an audio system? Thanks for the info.

It has serious impact. That is why the music often sounds better in the eveneng, after things cool down a bit, and the heaver use is down.
Thanks a lot for the info. I thought that was the case.
in the evening? personally...I like it best around 4am when I have the majority of the grid to myself ;o)...damn...I really need to get back on a regular schedule.
but this depends on the equipnment alot also some is more prone to noise.
With the exception of the MPX indicator being a bit dim on my McIntosh MR71, there is no audible difference in my stystem at full power(121v)vs a typical 90+ day with all the local air conditioners running full tilt. (measured voltage drop at wall was 114v) Maybe it's because I have a tube system ??
Screw that...when YOUR audio gear affects the power grid, you know that you're cookin'!