How Much Do You Need to Spend on a PC?

I've seen numerous posts on power cords lately that compare KC, FB, FIM, and others. Most of these cords are priced from well over 500 to thousands of dollars each. What are some of the lesser priced (~500 or less) power cords that can perform at 85% - 95% of these astronomically priced PCs. I currently use inexpensive Transparent Powerlinks and Super Powerlinks, better then my stock PCs, but I'm sure there is better.

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I own the Shunyata SideWinder at $200 used, flexible cable that is an overacheiver. Also Synergistic Research AC master coupler is larger, stiffer cable good for amps, $180 used. I do not own one, but Custom House Model 11 from Cable Co are very highly rated by TAS, under $300 new. If you are new at AC cords, be careful of getting stiff cords for rack mounted systems or very small components like DACs, can be a problem to connect and use.