How much do we at A'gon influence the industry?

Hi everyone,
Just a question that's been in my head for a little bit. How important do you folks feel this forum is to the audio industry at large in the Ensligh speaking countries?  I ask because I often see some taking it way too seriously, and personally.

I mean, I know times are tough, being a boutique audio manufacturer is not easy at any level in the audio industry, so I can really understand how negative buzz for your product can directly relate to your livelihood.
On the other hand, it's just A'gon. I doubt most audiophiles even come here very often.
What do you all think?


Another example I thought of was a couple years ago I attended Rocky Mountain Audio fest . I was talking to the Paradigm Rep about what was being written after the first night of the show on Audiogon . He said he was aware . These companies look to get public opinion and get it from places like Audiogon 
I don't post much but this question intrigues me. I've been involved with sales and marketing in different industries for over 30 years and we took advantage of any sources we could to help our members to make a decision. Audiogon is important to marketing efforts in the audiophile community as well as other Audio sites since they give us information we can use to pass on to our members. So yeh.  I do think Audiogon does influence our buying.  One of the problems comes in when the product  from the "Boutique Audio" builder that has these fabulous reviews  but can't keep up with the demand. And then you have negative reviews. I do think we have a problem in how quickly information is passed.

I'm an old dude.  I used to buy magazines to learn about new products.  It took time before a new product came out and I had a chance to read the reviews.  Now, write something and push enter and it's there.  There might be these hidden gems that we never have a chance to listen to since they could't keep up with demand.
Probably not as much as it should. It is free market data here. It would be a waist for manufactures not to use it. 
Also I never seek out demos of gear unless it has good reviews here. It is hard to demo stuff, demo rooms suck half the time.

I am almost to the point where I would look at measurement and forum opinions and buy blind. But I have also heard a ton of gear and know what I like and have some personal “references” to go off of and know my room well. 

"...I found spoiled produce among the great ones. There went the whole bag into the garage except for a very few..."

Some municipalities collect it, which ends up being very convenient for a non-gardeners amongst us, but you and Las Vegas seem to be out of luck for now. Still, it may be of some interest in the future (unless you really meant "garage" and not "garbage", in which case you probably already have it figured out)...

What are "serious audiophiles"? Seriously asking.