How much do I have to spend?

Hello all.
i have just purchased a pair of Tannoy XT6F speakers. I'm using an older solid state Rotel power amp. How much will I need to spend for a new power amp that will make a difference? Depth, imaging, soundstage, low end, high end. You know. All the good stuff. I want to stick with solid state. I have an Audible Illusions pre to pair it with. Thanks in advance and happy new year!


Components, especially amps and speakers should be matched by how well they perform together and not by price tags.  Your Tannoys are 8 Ohm, 90 db speakers so they won't require a ton of power to drive them - just good clean power with high current.  If you tell us what Rotel power amp you have, you may find you have all you need right now.

Also, a lot of what you are seeking - depth, imaging, soundstage, etc. comes from the preamp and your Audio Illusions is a pretty good one but its starting to get long in the tooth.  I would make sure its still operating at factory spec.

It's a Rotel 990BX. I also have a Primaluna prologue premium but it does not work well with these Tannoys. I don't want to buy a new amp if it's not going to make any sonic differences. 

The Rotel is giving you 200 wpc into 8 ohms, more than enough for the Tannoys.  You most likely have power to spare on tap that your never using.  I really don't think you need a different amp.

Again, an amps primary job is to drive a pair of speakers.  Everything else, soundstage, imagine, refinement, detail, etc. comes from the preamp and you have a pretty good one. 

So if you want to improve the overall quality of your sound, I would be looking at speaker placement  and your room acoustics first.

If you're looking to stay somewhat high powered solid state, than look no further than a Job 225.
Used, even better still.
Paraneer states that an amps primary job is to drive a pair of speakers. Everything else, soundstage, imagine, refinement, detail, etc. comes from the preamp. If that is true are all the reviewers of the Job 225 hearing things that are not there? The reviews are spectacular.

Hey, I am sure the Job 225 is a very good power amp.  I stand by my earlier statement though  - that an amps PRIMARY job to drive a pair of speakers.  It serves no other function.  So the amp should be properly matched to the speakers it is tasked with driving to at whatever sound level the listener is comfortable at with no fear of clipping or going into protection mode.

Your Rotel will do this @ 200 wpc and so will the Job @ 125 wpc.  THD are indistinguishable with both.  And there are literally dozens more that will do just as good a job.  Again, your speakers are very easy to drive.

But the true refinement comes from the pre-amp and I am sure the reviewers were all using one.

But if you want a Job 225 based on one user and some reviewers, go for it.  It does look like a very nice power amp for the money.  I was just trying to compliment you that you already have some pretty good equipment and maybe you don't need new gear.  Proper speaker placement and room acoustics play a huge part in the final result.  Good to you.

Thank you. You know what! I shouldn't have to buy a new amp to make the Tannoys sound right. The upper mids are just killing me. 

honashagen,   I assume that  when you say the upper mids are killing you, you mean that your system is too bright or harsh.  That problem can be caused by any of the components in your system or any combination of them. 

Do you have a friend whose components you can swap into your system one at a time to see if you can find the offending component?  That would be a good thing to do before you start spending money.

I'm surprised that the Primaluna amp isn't working better for you.  It should have no problem driving those speakers.  I would call Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio and discuss it with him.  He's the expert on Primaluna amps and can probably help you out.

I have tried many things and have spoken with Kevin. I guess it's just an impedance mismatch problem. The Tannoys have an impedance bump up to near 40 ohms at about 4K. I was hoping break in would help but I have over 200 hours on them and they are only a bit better.

I respectfully disagree that the preamp is responsible for "Everything else, soundstage, imagine, refinement, detail . .. "  I just swapped between my Plinius SA 100 Mk III and my Theta Digital Dreadnaught because the Plinius is going to the spa for an upgrade, and there was a distinct difference in soundstage (both width and depth) tightness of the bass and, to a lesser extent, detail, between what I consider to be two excellent amps.  So, while the importance of a preamp cannot be minimized, it is but one component of several that together give a "sound" that you like.
How did you make out with the Tannoys?  When I had my Precision 6.2s they sounded great with the Creek 50A integrated and matching Creek CD player.  When I "upgraded" to a different amp, I got the upper midrange glare you're referring to.  The Creek duo was smooth with no glare.  Tannoy has used Creek at audio shows the last couple of years.  I nice synergistic match per my experience.  Best and good luck....

I sold them and the Primaluna. Bought some Goldenear Triton 2s and now have a pair of Tannoy XT8Fs on order. Those Tannoys have a sound that is addicting! I'm hoping the 8s don't have the midrange issue is was hearing with the 6s.