How Much Distortion Can You Tolerate?

Like I'm gonna download that.

Stereophile has a test CD with tracks at different distortion levels. A more pointless waste of time is hard to find. Zero distortion isn't music, it's a test tone fantasy. Massive distortion is on the other hand just fine. Hendrix. Van Halen. On and on. Tubes and records sound way better than silicon chips and CDs. If distortion was such a big deal then why are there still all these pivoted arms? 

I see it is at the command line..
A little assembly program?  (?.exe)

Distortion.... That perfect imperfection.... You gotta have some..

You might be surprised how much distortion is in the bass region of a typical stereo system.. none correction..

With digital  correction.. where is the fun in that...:-)

I always wind up with a slight frown looking at what I like to hear.. ON a graphic EQ simulator..