How much discount typically for a new MC275 to expect from a dealer?

I'm not interested at this time going used. No stock in my area, I'll have to order or go out of town. McIntosh has a pretty tight grip on their dealers, so I imagine not finding any here on AG. Just curious what to expect when making an offer. I'm not going to pay full retail. Ideas, thoughts? I'm not interested in other brands or amp ideas. I'm just researching Macintosh at this point in time. 
While the Bob Latino Monoblocks are nice, they aren’t a McIntosh and will not have the resale value the Mac will have.  
Its obvious to me that many people here are totally ignorant in the art of wheeling and dealing. I always get 20-30% off everything depending on the brand. I would NEVER buy anything at Zero - 15% off MSRP. Do your homework, get quotes from various dealers just like when you purchase a car. Then use those prices to get your best deal. In this Shrinking "hobby" no dealer is going to turn down a sale if he knows you can get the same product cheaper elsewhere. And YES this works with dealers that you have never dealt with before.  Im glad some of the above posters dont manage my stock market portfolio.....Clueless!!
The MC 275 is as nearly bullet proof as you can get.  I would not hesitate buying a clean used one with low hours or trade in from a reputable source or dealer and save some money.  I would try and find a "Gordon Gow" edition since it was of limited production and will only go up in value.  
I bought an MC 275 from Magnolia several years ago as a "customer return" that was taking up space in the central warehouse. I bought it, but when it arrived it was brand new-not the customer return. I thought that the retail was around $5500, but I had paid $4000. I didn't use it immediately, and couldn't even move it, so I sold it for what I paid for it.
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