how much did you ever spend on a cable?

Keep it real. Don't have to write the brand , just the highest price you bought a cable for - and length
$350 for 2 12' Audioquest Cv6 speaker wires.
$200 for a pair of .5m Harmonic Tech ICs.

Nordost Frey (V1) 4.5 metre length pair: $CAD $1,800 before taxes on sale from authorized dealer
.... Worth every penny in my system.
Matched Nordost Frey XLR balanced interconnects (at the same time ) .....
$CAD $450 before taxes .....
$910 for Kimber Select .75 meter interconnect. Didn't want to, but I had a store credit, and they didn't have anything else I wanted or needed.
Audio Note Lexus speaker cable 8ft pair $700.00
8ft pair Tara Labs Master Generation2+ speaker cable 963.00, new.
6 foot used Cardas Golden Cross speaker cables: 650 I think.
5 foot custom power cable $1800 and you would not believe what good power cables can do!
4 sets of Stealth PGS 1M IC's $1,700 (I like when my IC's are all the same)
4 sets of Stealth PGS 1M IC's $1,700 (I like when my IC's are all the same)
$500 for used Cardas Golden ( somethings ) 1.5 Meter ICs.
$2000 for Purist Audio Aqueous spkr cable (4m); after using the Cable Company lending library.
Audience Powerchords (2 used), approx. $250 each.
$650 for Ridge Street Poemia IC
$500.00 for DNM HFTN IC's awesome cable priced way to low.
About 4k for a pair of speaker cables. I tried fixing a problem with cables once and that cost about 50k.
580.00 Used speaker cables .
380 for morrow audio sp4 and don't plan on spending a penny more.
five hundy for a less loss power cord.
Sadly, I cannot recall, there have been far too many cables and cords. Maybe I should have kept a logbook. I remember my impressions, but not how much I spent.
1100 euro for AudioQuest Rocket 88 speaker cables. The cables are 7 meters long.
$125 for Incognito rewire kit for Rega arms.
I would like to tell you but then there would be evidence for my wife to find out.
spent around $7000 so far guys for a pair of 1.5 speaker cables and pair of 2m interconnects.