how much better are vandersteens 1c than model 1

I have a very modest system. the amp is rotel 1050, pre amp is an old denon amp, speakers are vandersteen 1 which sounds wonderful to me. I am in the process of buying a pair of 1c's that are about 2 years old. Should I expect a big difference, Can't afford anything else.I'd love to hear from owners, thank you, Martin
The original 1 is quite veiled. The IC is much more transparent. It's as if a blanket has been removed from the speaker.

The new I CI is a major improvment as wendel mentioned
The bass loading, x overs, inductors, all new drivers,
structural integrity,
computor matching of drivers in chamber improved Bases, places the new Vandy 1CI well above the mark of 24 plus years ago. You will really love the new ones.
Best Johnnyr

"It's as if a blanket has been removed from the speaker."

Of course, we've heard this used for power cords, turntables, power amps, cartridges, frogs placed in bowls of water, etc.

But you'll love the 1C. Can't do better for the money.