How Much Bearing Oil In LP12

I recently purchased a used LP12. My setup instructions do not tell how much oil to add to the bearing. Do I add the whole vail? I would also appreciate any othe setup tips from those that are experienced.
All the way to the top. Let the excess drip out. Place a towel 'round/under platter.
You may already have this, but the Analogue Addicts LP12 faq is useful reading:
Usually about 30-34 drops. Just enough to where it doesn't quite spill out the top
How do you know it even needs oil if you have to ask "how much..."maybe you shouldn't be fooling with it. Good Luck
Depends on if you have Cirkus or pre-Cirkus.

Cirkus takes much less oil, only about 10 drops will be plenty. Use a flash light, you'll see that the oil will cover the bearing (a ball).

On non cirkus, when you use the flash light to look inside, you'll see the white nylon sleeve going all the way and stop. There is only a flat disc on the bottom. You want to fill up the gap between the disc to the bottom of the sleeve. One of the previous post like 30-34 drops sounds about right.

Over fill is OK, but with a Cirkus bearing, it will be a pain because you will have spilled the majority of the over filled oil.
Extremephono's answer above is NOT correct! If anything, the newer Cirkus kit takes MORE oil than the old bearing well--about 40 drops or so. Linn says to put almost all of the small vial they provide in until it spills out onto a tissue you've wrapped around the outside cylinder that is the "female" part of the bearing. If unsure which one you have, keep filling it up, a few drops at a time until it starts to leave oil almost all the way up the "male" part (shaft) of the bearing. Have the tissue in place in case you go over by a few drops. This will prevent a mess. Also, the newer bearing surface (inside the well) is NOT a "ball" as above indicated, but also a smooth precision ground hardened steel flat surface like the older ones. I work for a Linn dealer and have set up roughly 150 LP12's of all vintages, so I assure you my info is correct!
Walkingman is correct. I'm a Linn dealer too and I agree with all what he said.