How much bearing oil?

I aquired a Heybrook TT2, 1980 vintage. It is basically a poor mans LP12. Because of it's age, I cleaned out the old bearing oil. I did this before realizing I did not have the original measuring syringe for injecting the bearing oil. I have a small bottle of new JA Mitchell synthetic bearing oil. Does anyone have an idea of how much I should use? The quantity in the bottle is tiny, but appears to be too much. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
If the assembly is similiar to a Linn then put about 3/4 bottle of oil into the bearing, pack tissue or paper towel around the bearing and insert the sub-platter. The excess oil will flow onto the absorbant material. If there wasn't any overflow add more oil until there is some excess. Carefully clean up any mess without contaminating the bearing oil. Needless to say, the sub-platter needs to be gently pushed down into the bearing assembly. Otherwise, when the weight of the platter is added more oil will seep out and may make a mess.
Lugnut, thanks for the procedure. I've never seen an LP12 bearing assembly, so I don't know how similar they are. But your procedure sounds like a winner. How come I didn't think of that? Duh. Take care and happy listening.
FYI, a Linn bearing "looks" like a tube. The sub-platter shaft is a very close tolerance fit into the tube. The end of the sub-platter shaft is pointed and contacts with (I assume) another point at the bottom of the bearing. Glad I could be of some help. Most of the people here are so knowledgeable it is plumb scarry! I am truely humbled in their presence. Long live vinyl.
As a person trained in Linn turntable setup, I agree with Lugnut's advice. However, when inserting the spindle/platter assembly into the bearing, be careful to not ding the top edge of the bearing with the spindle, center it carefully. Let the platter's own weight settle it down into the bearing as far as it wants to go on its own. Then spin the platter to cause it to settle in the rest of the way. This ensures a good distribution of the oil around the spindle as it settles and helps any trapped air bubbles to escape. Also, it goes without saying that the spindle must be perfectly clean before inserting. Good luck!
Again, thanks for the responses. The Heybrook bearing appears to be similar to the Lynn. I'll be tinkering with it the next couple of nights, hopefully spinning vinyl this weekend. Cheers.
What symptoms will the tt show if the oil around the main bearing is old or smutty? Rumble?
geirbirk -
I can't speak for that specific table but when I finally replaced the bearing oil in my VPI after too many years, the platter stopped after one-and-a-half turns instead of one-half a turn.   The motor probably runs cooler now.  There was a little wear on the bearing.  Maybe a little higher noise floor.  I didn't notice any rumble.