How much Amp do I need to drive Electrostats

I am looking at getting a pair of Innersound Eros MkII Electrostatic speakers

I have a pair of Cary sixpac monoblocks will they be enough power to dive the electrostatics?

The Speaker specs are:
24Hz - 27kHz +-2db frequency response
electrostatic power handling: no practical limit

electrostatic impedance: falls to 2 ohms at 20kHz so they do need a stable amp.
What makes a stable amp?
Are the carys "Stable"

sensitivity: 96db for a 2.83 volts/meter input
Transmission line bass
600 watts RMS per channel into 4 ohms
50 volts/microsecond slew rate
less than 0.05% distortion at rated power
Crossover at 80Hz (got this info from a manual)

They do have there own sub amp so that is not a concern it is the top part I am concerned about

The Carys are:
50 watts RMS. 110/Watts IHF
Input sensitivity 1.2 V for 50 watt output
Input Impedance 150,000 ohms
freq Response 15 Hz to 23 KHz @ 50 watts Output

In addition what is the difference between RMS and IHF and how does it translate into layman's (Idiot) terms.

As always thanks for the advice
I owned the Eros Mk II (and the Mk 3.5). Over the years, I drove the panels with several different amps, although I have no experience with Carys. My impressions:

Atma-Sphere M-60s - Very, very nice after the addition of the Zero autoformer. 60 wpc, and I never felt as though they were running out of power

Music Reference RM-200 - I KNOW that these amps are better than they sounded on the Eros, but they simply didn't play well together.

Innersound ESL-300 - As should be expected, the company's own amp drove the 'stats beautifully. My only small gripe was a touch of harmonic thinness, something that I am personally intolerant of.

Rogue Zeus - a match made in heaven. 140 wpc in triode mode. The audio buddy here in town who bought my Eros 3.5s also bought the Zeus. Smart move.

As I said, I have no direct experience with Carys of any type on the Eros. On paper, the Sixpacs should be fine, but I said that about the RM-200. Really, the only thing you can do is give it a try. If it doesn't work out, you'll have to decide which to keep. My bet is that you will like the Eros so much that you'd be searching for a new amp.

> what is the difference between RMS and IHF...

Where did you get the IHF spec? It's been years since I've seen this. If I recall correctly, it was sort of a 'peak power output' spec that had little relation to reality. Maybe others have a clearer memory?