How much accoustifill is full?

I have owned a pair of custom made JBL LE15A/Janzens Electrostatics for many years. I have recently had to re do them. I had new power supplies made for the ESL's and am now having the JBL surrounds replaced, The enclosures are custom made 9 cu. ft., infinite baffle sealed enclosures. The tweeters are in the uppper, approx., 1/3 of the cabinet and the JBL's occuby the bottom. Most of the fiberglass damping is crumbling, or gone. Now for my question, how much damping material is correct? Do I fill the enclosure with the Accoustistuff, or just cover the walls of the cabinets. Is the correct amount somewhere in between. Any help you folks can provide will be greatly appreciated.
If you like crisp 'hard slamming bass, use only stapled on the inner sides. If you want a smoother sound, with a better sounding midrange, fill it up loosely.
Ah, thank you. So there is no right or wrong amount. I will experiment.
Correct. Good luck!
Ah, thank you. So there is no right or wrong amount. I will experiment.
Good call.
Well after much experimentation, I now know what Jim Lansing had in mind for me and apparently this particular incarnation of his classic LE15A driver. I have tried filling the entire cabinet with with fairly tightly packed Accoustistuff, then covering all sides and about 50% of the rest of the empty space with the loosely cotton like material, and finally taking it all out and just leaving the original insulation, just like God and Mr Lansing intended and just replacing the areas that have become bare over the years and all other exposed wood with the accoustistuff and leaving the rest of the enclosure open for all that bass to wander around freely in. I placed a pristine copy of Miles and MJQ on my turntable and was literally blown away. I now remember what made me fall in love with these vintage beauties in the first place. They are staying just as they are now and the next time I decide to screw with nature, I hope someone comes over and slaps me across the voice coil.