How Much Abuse can a Cartridge take?

While measuring the speed of my tt with a KAB strobe disc. I had the disc on top of a record, then had the arm down on the record that was showing (outer edge) to compensate for stylus drag.

Well would you know it, the idiot that I am, I forgot to pick up the arm in time and the stylus was dragging against the edge of the strobe disc and it was skipping on that part of the record(sounded like a "broken record")over and over again. This happened for about half a minute. Also very emabarassing is the fact that I did it twice (doh!).

The cartridge sounds good, but could this be enough to cause some sort of damage?

Cartridge is a Benz Glider

I'm really pissed at myself and need some sort of reasurement that I didn't total the thing.

Thanks guys and my appologies if this a stupid post but I had no where else to turn.

If it sounds okay it survived the ordeal. Heck, I've accidentally left my stylus at the end of a record overnight. This is usually no big deal.
LOL, I have awoke to that sound to many I really have to quit drinking!
LMAO, extended late night listening sessions without alchohol only to awake to THAT sound with remote in hand looking for the tone-arm return button? Minutes later to discover it's the TV remote that was reached for!
I would say that you survived as long as the tip wasn't damaged by being forced out of the groove. And that probably didn't occur since it was only fighting the resistance of the tracking weight and anti-skate force.
We all make mistakes, move on enjoy the music.
If it souds as good as as it did before you let it run, no problem. And if that's you're only mistake, you're some kind of saint. If I would make a list of wrecked gear....... I get depressed now!! :)
Clean that puppy and move on. It will pick up dust and derbis as it cuts the edge off the label.

I've never ever ever done that, at least not more than say a hundred times and one day, overnight!

Diamond is pretty hard compared to vinyl and paper.

Loon and Satch are right. The diamond will cut the vinyl and paper way before it will get damaged. Maybe a little wear, but if it sounds OK, it should be.