How many with analog rigs only?

I recently moved into a new house. My system consists of OL Aurora TT, Musical Fidelity int. amp, NAD cde player and tuner. I really only listen to lps so I didnt setup th other components-just an amp and TT. I like it and I dont intend to add a cd player anytime soon (I will listen to cds in the car). How many of you listen to TT only, at least for your main/critical listen pleasure?
Look.... Cds are fine for casual listening..lets say having a dinner party or entertaining I will put on cds for convenience. Being a control junky with my analogue rig I would not want to get food,alcohol,any foreign matter on my lps while entertaining/cooking, or let others control this delicate matter. When I want critical listening I will always opt for vinyl rig. For shear convenience and stress free listening....put on the cds man!!
Once I successfully negotiated the master bedroom as my listening room, I didn't bother to keep the CD player in my system. I do have a few CDs from ECM that I miss listening to, but otherwise haven't looked back. So count me in.
same here, clearaudio concept , arcam integrated amp and grado phones. for when i really want to listen, otherwise isnt it all backround music anyway? imo.
Although I do have an Arcam CD player, I use it .0005% of the time. Other wise, it's TT & tuner only. 3500+ LPs.
Vinyl only when I listen. My wife sometimes puts on the CD changer for background music.
I did until I managed to get my digital up to snuff a couple years back after fine tuning my vinyl rig and then added a music server as well.

I have a lot of good music on vinyl only so I would listen to it more if I had the time to deal with playing records but I do not so these days I spend way more time listening to digital than vinyl.

Both sound pretty spot on to my ears in general so the sound of the format itself is not a big factor for me these days.

I would give vinyl a slight edge in general perhaps for classical recordings and digital the nod in general for more electric/electronic, though individual recording quality can sway that either way on a case by case basis.
All vinyl, all the time now. I do plan on setting up my horn system with digital only.
I run the Amadeus from Well Tempered Labs. For CD, I have one from a very reliable company out of Japan. It's called "The Accord" by Honda.
Analog only. I got rid of the CDP when I needed extra space in my rack. That was two years ago. Haven't missed it yet. I recently built a new stand, it has some space and I've had no desire to reinstall my CDP.

I used to be able to read while listening. No longer. I simply can't listen to the system as background. I just get lost in the music and don't think about or want to do anything other than listening.
I now listen to wax cylinders (nothing but wax cylinders for me).
Only LPs for 13 years now. I have an iPhone and sometimes in the car I'll listen to Pandora but that's the only digital I'll listen to. Because it sucks :)
I'm still an all vinyl fan after begun with it 44 years ago.
99% vinyl. I have a lot of fun with it.
Vinyl only.

I in fact have never bought a CD player. I waited until DVD-A and SACD for my digital music baptism. Since neither of them displaced vinyl, for me, they are gone and I can concentrate on vinyl for the here and now.

If I should have to listen to the few (about 20) CDs that I have, I'll use my Blu-Ray machine. There's no need for that however because the CDs merely duplicate music that I already own on vinyl.

I thank GOD for all of those people who divested themselves of their record collections over the last 3 decades, since I was the beneficiary (at very cheap prices) of their impressive collections, via selective purchasing of desirable recordings.

With my collection totaling at between 2500 and 3000, there is little need to purchase too much more software,as I would probably never listen to it.

Life with a lovely system is good and years of learning about how to utilise what I have, to its best advantage have finally paid off with a system that delivers on the potential promise that Hi-Fi holds out.

Music, music, music. ;-)
I'm strictly all vinyl. I've got a couple hundred CDs that I need to dispose of to make room for more records.
I listen to mainly vinyl now routinely. Don't know myself what the reason for the change is. In my old set ups it was mostly CDs. I am curious about older mediums. Are there any really worthwhile 78 monos still around. What do they sound like on a good rig? Wax cylinders, that must be a real trip if you can find a good way of playing them??
06-27-12: Mechans
I am curious about older mediums. Are there any really worthwhile 78 monos still around. What do they sound like on a good rig?
If classical symphonic music is of interest, here is one example that is more than worthwhile. Toscanini's 1940 performance of Brahms 1st, which is IMO one of the greatest performances ever of one of the greatest symphonies.

As you'll see, it has been transcribed to MP3 from the original 78's, and is available as a free download. It can also be played back directly from the website. A while back I converted the download into a CD, using an audio editing program, and played it on my main system. Although the sonics are obviously primitive by modern standards, I did not find them to be at all unpleasant to listen to, and they are certainly good enough to not detract from the performance.

Best regards,
-- Al
100% vinyl now after putting together a vinyl system 2 months ago. I am thinking on selling the cd player, it's a lot of money sitting there idle.
I was contemplating buying the Oppo95 for blu ray and if I ever play a cd and I would be up money to buy , you guessed it, more vinyl.

It depends ...
Analog rools, digital drools
100% Vinly for 4 years now, never looking back :-)