How many weeks of income did your sys. cost?

How many weeks of after-tax income did your system cost? ie If your income is 100,000 per yr. and your system cost 25000 at street prices, than you spent 12 weeks paying for your system. Income is relative and I was wondering what the average audiophile spends in terms of weeks of income on his system. Mine is 12 weeks.
What about years of income?;^)
Are you counting software? that where i spend the most money, by far.
Mine only cost a few moments of Bill Gates income.
You better think of the years and decades of joy and musical fullfillment rather than of those nasty moments when you have to fork over big bucks. Life is short and the good things aren't for free..... so just enjoy!
Good luck!
The essential theme of this post has been raised, in one way or another, a number of times over the past two years, and I find myself thinking that it takes a lot of temerity and a considerable lack of good taste to repeatedly ask this question. My response is not meant as a personal attack on you, Husk01, but I -- and I imagine others -- find it offensive to be asked how much we spent on our system, what our annual income is, etc.

A question for you, Husk01: why do you want to know how many weeks of income it took to buy one's audio system? Do you need some monetary gauge to decide if you spent "enough" for your system to qualify as truly high-end, or do you gauge the value of a system solely on its price tag? Does someone with a modest income that spends 20% of their annual income on their audio hobby constitute a "truer audiophile" than someone who makes $250K a year but only spent 10% of their annual income on their system?

There seems to be a small but persistent group of (mostly) younger audiophiles that evaluate things based almost solely on price and/or perceived prestige. The whole notion of "checkbook audiophilia" misses the point of why TRUE audiophiles pursue this hobby in the first place. In your book, does one have to spend some given percentage of their annual income to be a REAL audiophile? Do you fret about whether other men have larger genitalia than you? Is that what's bothering you, bunky?

Other readers may -- obviously -- disagree with my take on this whole subject, and think that a public discussion of one's income and spending habits is entirely appropriate on an Internet forum. But speaking for myself, I think your question is inherently impolite and distasteful. I wouldn't tell a good friend how much of my annual income is spent on my beloved hobby, much less a total stranger.
about 6 months. More than the engagement ring. Which, btw I just got back. Maybe I had things reversed?

Anyway, I still love my system!
Jfrech, you don't have things reversed, you have your priorities in order, IMO. The problem with the engagement ring are the 'hidden costs'. The sticker price is nothing compared to the actual price.

My system, roughly 5-6 months.
Congratulations, Sdcampbell! Very well expressed. I see this equipment thing in terms of how much music I can get for less than is "supposed". The silver plated copper, teflon insulated wire that I use sells for 65 cents a foot in the surplus market. A friend of mine is using some and told me it's easily blowing away his $14/ft Kimber 8TC. Amen to that.
You sounded my sentiments too, Sd. Maybe we sjould let this one die quietly....
I wonder what the top Billionaires setups are? Do they shell out the big bucks without a clue, with a clue, or are happy with a circuit city rig? Anybody know?

I think that this question is a question of pride rather than addiction. To answer a question like this I will tell you I saved $50 here $200 there to upgrade a phono cartridge or perhaps a interconcect maybe a powercord. Maybe I charged a new preamp on a visa. Sometimes my family life suffered from my addiction to this hobby, you know kids need new shoes, dance lessons, baseball fees, oh ya the one my wife always says we need food. But I alway found ways to further this addiction of audio. I guess that why I will not tell how much I have spent. But I will tell you for what I have spent I have reeped many hours of enjoyment. As everbody knows the quest for building a system that suits their audio needs. The answer is not how much you have spent but what you have done without to get your system. I will end by saying my family is not proud of my addiction of audio. David
Mine cost about 15% of Albert Porters, but sounds much better... NOT!
I really do not want to contemplate this question... Please ask another less painful one.

A more interesting question (and probably a more depressing one) is.... How many weeks of DISPOSEABLE income did your system cost? Basically, take all of your fixed and necessity costs from your take home pay, and that is your disposeable income.

It never occured to me to gauge what I've spent on my system this way. Since music gives us joy and inspiration, it's like asking "how much do you spent on your family so far". This topic/post is ridiculous, cold, and double sided...your post should be deleted.

Love for music is a passion. When you favor how much you spent on equipment rather than how much the music that comes out from your equipment rejuvenate your soul, then the passion is gone. Move on to a different hobby, or else you will not survive the undertow.

I wholeheartedly agree with SdCampbell/Aida_w/Subaruguru/Tok2000. I am glad that there are people like them on this forum. It makes this forum worthwhile to visit.
I just wonder how all of this **** got past the gate keeper????????????
Hold on there, Tex. You think some folks are overreacting just a bit? This thread had nothing to do with specifying anyone's income or even the price of any component or system. I decided to take this thread as a rather humorous attempt at putting a little perspective on our shared obsession, irrespective of the little math lesson. It does seem a little strange that the most indignant find nothing wrong in specifying every item in their systems for all to see (and thereby easily determine the approximate cost of the system, duh). If you don't like the thread, don't participate. If you wish to participate, be prepared for some flack if you try to take some moral high ground on a position that isn't even on topic. In the end, lets lighten up a bit. While the world is going to heck around us, be glad that we find joy and happiness in this rather fringe hobby that can, at its best, bring people together. The last thing any of us want is this site resembling the real world! Peace. (By the way, good one, Albert!)
Everyone is just calm down. If you re-read the question, Husk01 is simply asking how many weeks of income did you spend on your system. If you answer in terms of weeks, let say 40 weeks, this does not reveal any sort of personal information about the cost of your system or how much you make. I think Husk01 was asking to be curious and humorous at the same time. There's no harm done here. If you don't like the question, then simply move on to the next thread. It would have saved you a couple of minutes to type in a thread you don't even want to be bothered with. Just my opinion.