How many vinyl albums do you own you listen to?

So far I own around 300 vinyl albums all purchased in a last 20 years. Even while I listen to for about 10 albums a week it seems I want to keep adding more and more to my library. I wonder if there is a point when one says it's enough, there is no point to add more as there is no time or an interest to listen to them all. How many do you have? How much time it look to put it together? How many of them do you really listen? 
I had about 2000, but after moving three times in four years, I reduced that number to about 600 of my favorites. I also have about 1450 cd’s and SACDs that I’ve ripped and put on a NAS.  Music plays in this house 3-7 hours a day.

All the best.

I probably have less then a 100. I am always tempted to buy more and more but I try to be selective. First of all, I want to make sure it's an album I want to listen to all the way through.

Also, I have limited space, so I simply cannot have an endless supply which brings me back to being selective in what I buy.
How many? I really do not know. They used to be in every room of the house except the bathrooms until my sweetie built me a 1000 sq. ft. “music room” for them, my equipment, the piano, and the HT (I am an INCREDIBLY lucky man). My sweetie says she is glad it is that instead of a boat or a girlfriend. I have 180 feet (about 55 m) of shelf space full. I teach a course on west coast jazz; 6979 of the jazz are catalogued, but the rock, R&B, classical, folk, comedy, experimental, electronic, etc. are not (yet). Yes, there is no country. My best guess: around 13,000. No, I was never a DJ. Except for about 3500 of the classical, I purchased all of them beginning about 1956. The 3500 were a gift from a nun who was retiring to, in her words, the old nuns’ home. Those were mostly vocal and there were only about a dozen duplicates with my existing collection. She used to teach voice and was working on her Ed.D. at age 81. She was the nun in the Canadian film “The Company of Strangers” [“Strangers in Good Company” in the US] who tried to repair the truck. I have not heard all of hers (yet). I have listened to all the others at least once. I listen to vinyl every day. It is what I do instead of Valium, Xanax, Prozac, Norco, THC, EtOH…or worse! I still buy new vinyl as well as cruise the used record stores wherever we travel. Lately it has been the Blue Note Tone Poet series. I know that we will have to downsize within the next few years, but I have no idea what I will do then. Perhaps the archives at the Conservatory of music at the local university may be interested?

Oh dear, by the sounds of most of your posts I belong in the extreme nutcase part of the world. I started collecting records when I was 12 and have never stopped. It is a familial curse that I share with all 4 of my siblings. I don't know precisely, but I know that I have between 13,000and 14,000 LPs and between 9,000 and 10,000 CDs. I have just over 13,000 cataloged on CATrax. My friend who is a really good contractor is worried about how much it all weighs because most everything is on the third floor, but until we can afford to finish the basement, que sera, sera. I worry more about the sequoia that is maybe 30 to 40 ft around at the base and is 29 ft from the house and both worries seem sort of silly at my age.I listen to all kinds of music including western classical, blues, jazz, music from various folk traditions and popular traditions, especially Celtic, reggae, African, Chinese, while mainly and above all being a rocker. I have a musical game I invented many years ago to help shuffle what I play as well as choosing emotionally.
Approx 10,000 here and I listen to something new about 10-15 times per day. It’s a life not a living.