How Many Turntables Have You Owned

As for me... My first that I can remember was a Webcor - part of their Holidy package. then... Garrard, Benjamin Miracord, Dual, Bogen, Thorens TD 124, and 121, Rek o Kut, LinnSondek, Grado, Rega, SME, VPI... I probably have forgotten a few
This thread is like a group therapy session. I feel much better knowing I am far from the "sickest" one here. I posted here last time in 2008. Since then I sold my Technics SP10 Mk2, bought an NOS SP10 Mk3 and built a plinth for it, bought two Kenwood L07Ds and sold one, bought a Victor TT101 which is currently being re-capacitored. Also, I mounted my Lenco L75 in a PTP'd slate plinth way back in 08 or 09, added a Jeremy Superbearing. I was about to sell my Denon DP80 (which I believe I already owned in 08), found no takers, and at the same juncture bought the TT101 from eBay in "broken" condition. It turned out not to be broken. So now I have SP10 Mk3, Kenwood L07D, Lenco L75, DP80, TT101. Notwithstanding the fact that I have not heard the TT101, the list is probably in order of preference, altho the Kenwood is VERY close to the Mk3, just "different". And I could live with the Lenco alone, happily.
07-16-13: Manitunc
Have added a couple of Technics SP10mk2, a PTP Lenco L75, a Sony PS-X65, a Clearaudio Performance, a Basis 2001, a Collaro, an Empire 498 and I'm sure some others. Probably have owned at least 50 over the years, and at least 20 presently.
Manitunc – if during a Storage Wars episode they open a locker containing nothing but TT’s I will think of you.
I have my tables strewn all over the house, so I dont see them all at once. It I did, I might think I had a problem, fetish or addiction.
I have had four in this order...

1. BSR McDonald with ceramic cartridge. I think it the was the POS (piece of shit) 5000 model.

2. Pioneer PL12D with a AT12E. My first real table!

3. Technics SL1800 with an Ortofon VMS20E. My first DD table.

4. Pro-Ject RM5.1SE with a Sumiko Blue Point No. 2. Back to Black 30 years later!

Can't remember the name but it was an Ariston table with a uni-pivot arm. No retainers of any kind. The arm just sat on a spike. Next was a Technics direct drive. Then an Oracle Alexandria with an FR-12 and Dynavector Ruby, and finally an Oracle Paris/arm with various carts.