How many turntables have you owned?

My analog journey started in the 70's- I'm on my 6th turntable, which I have owned since 1998. I think it's my final turntable!


Something I noticed over the years is that friends in the UK have lots of kit as they don’t have kids' college fees, health insurance, and property taxes to eat away their retirement savings.

Garrard changer

Pioneer direct drive

VPI HW-19/ET-2 tonearm

Next week..Technics 1200G


What didn’t you like about your Micro Seiki BL 91 that made you want to sell it?


Five; the life of a casual 78 collector-turned semi-professional transfer engineer in about eight years:


1) Audio Technica LP-120. Removed the built-in preamp to improve the signal chain. Used for a few years as a starter table

2) Dual 1229. Read good things, but the automatic queue feature broke a week after I bought it. Used it as a second table for stacking cheap 78s for a few months before I realized how bad it sounded. The speed stability was a lot worse than advertised. Whoever I bought it from claimed to have restored it, too.

3)  Technics 1200 in DJ-worn shape. Intended to have it modded a bit to use with 78s, but never got around to it.

4) Rek-O-Kut Rondine 3 made by Esoteric Sound for use with 78s. Infinitely-adjustable 16-90 RPM, generally good specs for a ~$1,000 table. Used for several years, generally about as good as it gets for most 78 collectors. A lot of well-regarded reissue CDs were made (by others) with this table. Decent mid-level Jelco transcription tonearm. I generally liked this setup, but it still has an upper-mid-end sound.

5) Technics SP-10R. Endgame. Albert Porter panzerholz plinth, upgraded Fidelity Research FR-66S and Viv Labs Rigid Float tonearms. Soon to have a Soundsmith Strain Gauge to supplement the Shure V15 Vx (generally the best it gets for 78s because dozens of stylii are needed and MC cartridges are non-starters)

It REALLY makes you think, when you realize that your first TT was maybe a Mattel. Maybe I was 6 years old. It was red, my favorite color.

There have been Many since then, but none of them since then were used to sling little green army men of the platter when turned on.