How many turntables have you owned?

My analog journey started in the 70's- I'm on my 6th turntable, which I have owned since 1998. I think it's my final turntable!

  1. All in one stereo in a box.
  2. Dual of some sort.
  3. Thorens TD160.
  4. Micro Solid 5
  5. Rega Planar 3
  6. VPI Scoutmaster.
  7. No more turntables for me. Switching to digital.

Three in order of purchase: Denon DP-45F, Denon DP-62L, Pioneer PL-41A.

The DP-62L is my current stereo table. The PL-41A is my mono table. I use a Herron VTPH-2AE phono preamp.

as a collector and lover turntable I have about fifteen, the only two I wanted to sell in my entire life were a Technics SL2000 and a Micro seiki BL 91

Something I noticed over the years is that friends in the UK have lots of kit as they don’t have kids' college fees, health insurance, and property taxes to eat away their retirement savings.