How many turntables have you owned?

My analog journey started in the 70's- I'm on my 6th turntable, which I have owned since 1998. I think it's my final turntable!


Well why would you invent something your not going to use? Kinda like the happy guy above, makes you wonder about natures jokes anyways.. LOL

Sure they made a MC carts. They just haven’t made one sense (since) the 60’s, Like I said a guy in Elk Grove CA repaired all the FM station stuff including his hand made carts. He was a Grado guy. The machine shop for Russco was in Antioch. Marchio’s Machine and Iron. I worked there. Just a tidbit..

I was at a guys storage in El Sobrante he was way up there too, over 1000sf of racks and TT. He had a Fairchild 750 with 12 & 16" platers I sure would have liked.


Let's see.

Pioneer (PL0112 IIRC)

Systemdek IIX

Oracle Delphi 2

Linn LP12


Sota Cosmos

Roksan Radius 5

Over 40 years (last three still owned)


Realistic LAB-400

Rega P3

Clearaudio Concept

Lenco L70 (current an only one in use)

2 Lenco L75’s - about to be rebuilt/modded 

L70 that is in use, and heavily modded is far better (kinda obvious, I know) than any of the prior ones. The L75’s are going to be given the same treatment as the L70 (only better…) and hopefully sold .

Technically 4

  1. Zenith Mini Wedge - (first system in bedroom when I was a kid) - late 70s
  2. Dual 508 - (part of my first proper separates system) - early 80s
  3. Denon DP35F - (first upgrade) - mid 80s
  4. Linn LP12 - (bought in 2019 and is now almost full spec)


The Linn will be the last TT although it may get upgrades as Linn introduce items I am interested in.