How Many Turntables Have You Owned

As for me... My first that I can remember was a Webcor - part of their Holidy package. then... Garrard, Benjamin Miracord, Dual, Bogen, Thorens TD 124, and 121, Rek o Kut, LinnSondek, Grado, Rega, SME, VPI... I probably have forgotten a few
OOPS - I forgot SOTA Saphire, and SOTA Cosmos - more will come to me
Some sort of suitcase turntable (age 13-15), Technics (1300, 1400 and 1400MKII), Dual, Harman Kardon, Yamaha, Mitsubishi LT-30, Thorens TD-160 with Grace 707 (SWEET), Technics BD-20D, Music Hall MMF-5SE and VPI Scout.
I have 3 right now. B&O RX-2, Rega Planar 3, and Scheu Analog Premier MkII. In the recent past I have has a SOTA Nova Series V. Before that you have to go way back to college when I had an old Technics and Visonik.
1) Pioneer
2) Denon
3) Sota Star Sapphire
4) VPI Superscoutmaster
1972-1976: Garrard SL-95B--Integrated into an Altec-Lansing compact system
1976-1982: Hitachi direct drive This one was pretty good with outstanding imaging when paired with the Grado Z1+.
2007-present: Technics SL1210 M5G w/KAB fluid damper, brass cone feet, Oracle mat

= 3
Easily over a hundred.
My best guess is over 40, but I currently own:

Russco Cue-Master idler drive with Micro Seiki B77 MK11 and early Jelco arms

Micro Seiki MR-711 direct-drive with Micro MA202L 10" arm

Logic Tempo "E" with Logic Datum 2 arm

Gray ST-33 with ESL S-2000 (Ortofon) arm and Papst motor

One each Technics and Pioneer DD tables to loan to friends so that they can get hooked!
You just reminded me about the Denon and the Harmon-Kardon with the straight line tracking arm.. I bet more to come
You guys have more money than me. I've only had two in twenty five years. (Before that I used my parents') My first was from Radio Shack. The brand was Realistic and I'm almost certain it was a re-badged BSR. Some of you older guys might remember BSR. Then I got a Linn.
Sanyo,Garrard,Rega 3,Oracle Delphi,VPI 19,Goldmund Studio,RPM 2,Walker,Scheu/Eurolab,Nottingham,Bluenote-11 plus or minus.How about arms??
BSR I do remember and when I was in college a lot of folks had BICs.
B.I.C 980, Denon/Grace 747, Musical Fidelity M1. I now own a Basis Debut Gold , with updated motor and new speed control.
HA! I didn't think ANYONE had heard of Webcor...
"our" family 1st stereo turntable was a WEBCOR
My first table was a Garrard Belt drive model unknown
#2: Denon DD circa 1981
#3: Rega P-3 circa 1986
#4 Rega P-9 bought in 2002
Here is a thread that I started with a similar topic:

Personal turntable/cartridge evolution


Garrard SP25
Thorens 160BC, for 25 years
Linn LP12
Origin Live Oasis
Origin Live Resolution Modern
TW Acustic Raven one
Pioneer PL12
Luxman PD272
Dunlop Systemdek II (first series)/Mayware MKIV and Hadcock GH228
Thorens TD160 Super/Grace 707
Pink Triangle/Sumiko MMT and Well Tempered arm
Elite The Rock/Eminent Technology ET2
Roksan Xerses/Eminent Technology ET2
Michell Gyrodek/ forget the arm but was a temporary solution
Linn Sondek LP12 Valhalla/Ittok
Linn Sondek LP12/Lingo/Ekos
Isn't it incredible how much money our little group has spent on just the turntables. Don't forget the amps, preamps, speakers, cables, tuners, tape decks, cartridges, arms, tubes, power conditioners, Record Cleaning Machines, resonance control devices, stands, etc., etc..... We are a very valuable and powerful group of big time audio consumers. We should be treated with respect and reverence by audio dealers...many of whom don't. In my dealings with these guys, many are order writers. They might allow the customer to listen to something, but are really not interested in their satisfaction. I find most dealers too haughty ..and not nearly concerned enough. Its to their own and the industry's detriment.
My first turntable had a crank to wind it up.
BIC 980
AR (later, not original model)
Maplenoll (total nightmare)
Well Tempered Record Player
VPI HW-19 IV/Graham 1.5t
Basis Debut (vacuum)/Vector Arm.
Eight in total:

198? Dual
1993 Linn Basik/Akito/K9
1998 Rega Planar 3/RB300/Elys and Denon DL103
2004 Michell Tecnodec/RB600/Ortofon Kontrapunkt A and Denon DL103R
2005 Thorens TD150MKII/TP13A/Shure
2006 Thorens TD166MKII/TP16/Denon D160
2006 VPI Scout/JMW9/Denon DL103R and Benz Ace
2007 DPS 2 "Der Plattenspieler" / DPS RB250/ Lyra Argo (i)
In their approximate sequential order -
BSR (in Steelman portable radio/record player)
Dual 1009
Yamaha HP-3
Philips 212
Rotel (DD)
Pioneer 1000
SOTA Sapphire/Alphason
Kuzma Stabi/Stogi Reference
Technics SP-10 Mk2A/EPA-100 & VPI JMW 10.4 (under construction)

Whew! Like Stringreen, I likely left out something.
Thorens TD165C
Denon 30L
Denon DP45
Rotel RP900
Rega P3-2000w/ Origin Live 250 arm (then tweeked with Iron Audio platter, Groovetracer subplatter plus bearing)

Not as many as I thought I had.
Let me see:

BSR (changer w/built in amp, fold out speakers)
Sony (don't remember the model)
Metzner Starlight (got it from a radio station that was upgrading)
Thorens TD165C
Harmon - Kardon TD65
Project 6.1
VPI Scout
VPI Scoutmaster w/ JMW9 Signature arm
Walker Proscenium Gold Signature

I guess that makes 9 since getting the bug question. Radio Shack rebadge of a BSR, Garrard Zero 100, Kenwood KD 500 with Infinity Black Widow, Denon DP 3000 with Infinity Black Widow, Sota with Infinity BW, Basis Debut 3 with Graham 1.5t, Debut 5 with Vector, Debut Signature with SME V, and playing around now with Technics SP 10II with SME III, Technics SP 15 with EPA 500, two Thorens TD 124 with SME IV. Whew that's an embarassing number of turntables. The Basis Signature / SME V is flat out amazing.
Just 3 for me the first was a Technics#? the second was a Luxman PD-264 still have in my vintage system, and lastly I currently have a Scoutmaster from VPI.
Right, from earliest to latest...Dual 1218, AR (twice), Thorens 124, Rega Planar 2, Rega Planar 3, Well Tempered Classic, Michell Gyro, VPI Aries I, VPI Aries 3, Sota Cosmos, and Dual 1218 (for playing 78s only). Yeah baby, full circle (sort of).
One. VPI TNT vs.5
Two years into vinyl, I've owned three turntables. First was Music Hall MMF-5. Then a Sota Comet III w/ RB300. I now use a Rega P25.
I had a Pioneer with linear arm back in my youth,then recently I bought an Oracle Delphi mk2.As of recent,I am thinking of getting a Teres or going the DIY route and God help...Now if you asked about digital gear,then I got tons.
Forgot the C.J Walker/Grado Signature arm combo-12.
Plastic turntable with built speakers (pre-school age)
Cheap all in one system with BSR changer (pre-teens)
Huge Magnavox rack system with BSR turntable (teenager)

As an adult:

Thorens TD-318
VPI HW-19Jr.
Thorens TD-320 II
Rega Planar 25
Nottingham Spacedeck
Roksan Xerxes X
Newer version of Spacedeck

Still have the Spacedeck/Ace-Space combo. Don't feel the need to change or improve for the foreseeable future.

BSR (age 5-11)
Philips 222 (age 11-16)
Rega Planar 3/RB300 (age 16-27)
Linn LP12/Ittok LVIII (age 27-37)
Galibier Gavia/Triplanar Mk. VII (age 37 and counting...)

No future front-end upgrades planned, aside from cartridges.

1. Garrard
2. Dual 1249
3. Luxman PD 277 I still have it it's 30 years old. :O)
4. VPI Aries 3 with all of the trimmings.
A total of 5; Garrard, Onkyo, Rega P-25, Thorens, and for now a Teres 265.
Let's see,

One Denon (5 years)
One Linn LP 12 (10 years)
One Linn Axis (5 years)
Wilson Benesch Full Circle (1 year)
Rega P 25 (3 years)
SME 20/2. (this one might be staying a while 5yrs now...)
Technics Direct Drive = horrible

Mitsubishi = horrible

Thorens 160 = first real table

Rega P3 w/Ortofon OM30 = huge step up
Dual 1219,Technics ?,Luxman,Linn LP12, Oracle Delphi Mk1,2,Sota Saphire/SME 5,VPI Scout, Rega P9.
I have a solid concrete floor so no real need for sprung suspensions,that I feel change the sound of the system as the spring tension shifts over time and from useage.
Then again maybe just audionervosa.

When I was a kid, I had this Yamaha TT that came with this all-in-one system. Very poorly made, but surprisingly agile in sound. Served me perfectly. Gave up the ghost and I didn't bother having it fixed.

Now: La Platine Verdier with terrazzo plinth. Can't see myself getting anything else.
It started with a Webcor 78 speed.Then to a RCA 45 changer.On to a Philco console and then it began
Bic 980
Garrard I forgot the number
Garrard Zero 1000
Sumiko Gem > A David Fletcher design prior to SOTA
Rega original
Thorens 115 I think
Sota sapphire
Sota star sapphire
VPI 19 type 2 or 3
Kuzma Reference
Maybe 1 or 2 that I have forgotten about and some may be out of sequence.Now that I look at the list I probably have owned too many turntables

1st: JVC LA-11 ( 1981 model) belt drive semi auto. Nice basic Japan Inc. unit for a young teen at the time.

2: Hitachi PS-38 (late 70s' and used) Direct drive full manual. Typical of many Japan Inc. direct drives. Good performance and my dad still has it in his system.

3: JVC LA-1 ( 1984 model) Linear tracking belt drive. Cool unit to play with but only avg. performance with the stock JVC p-mount cartridge. Sold it in Fall '86 to get 100% into 'Perfect Sound Forever' Yeah right! But I was still young and easily impressed back then.

Fast Forward to 2003.

4: Music Hall mmf2.1. Interesting, affordable new table. Good performance reinvigorated by love for vinyl. I had no issues with mine but others had some reported quality control issues with their. I enjoyed mine though.

5: Spring 2005 I built my first DIY table to which I tweaked it into other mods and setups from then. It had a Rega RB250 arm and a Denon DL-110 cart. Parts bin using belt driove setup from an older JVC table. It was a fine project and fun to tweak it . Its sound was good, better than my mmf 2.1 but speed stability was not as good as I liked, cheap Japan Inc. motor and drive. I built my own DIY tone arm Fall of 2007 which came out well and as a nice unipivot. But by Jan 2008 I had reached my end point on my DIY project and soon tired of tweaking it. I gave myself a pat on the back as I did pull it off well enough for a few years but I now wanted to settle in on a new turntable to just enjoy.

6: Feb 2008 KAB USA modded with Cardas rewire Technics SL-1200MKII. This is the table I should have bought back in 2003 but I got all caught up in the belt drive good, direct drive bad CR@POLA. It is by far the best and coolest table I have ever bought. It punches above its weight and will give me years of reliable service. I will soon add the arm damper but I am 100% blown away of how good such a brand new table well under $1000 can sound.

Fifteen if you count the three different times I had the Linn LP12 and twice I had a Garrard 301 25 years apart.
Not counting the Close-n-Play the folks bought for us when we were kids, I count about six.

1973 - BSR something-another with a Pickering cartridge.
1975 - An original AR turntable with a Shure cartridge bought from Dixie Hi-Fi (now Circuit City).
1980? - B&O something (downgrade from AR)
1983? - Kenwood KD500 with a Magnepan tonearm and Adcom MC cartridge.
1989 - Linn Sondek LP12 with a Ittok tomarm and AT OC9 cartridge.
2006 - VPI HW-19 Mk4 with ET-2 and AT33PTG cartridge.
1st was a garrard, then..Pioneer PLD, Thorens TD124, VPI
Aries, VPI TNT-VHR, I still own the old Thorens TD124 But
I need to do some maintenance/overhauling on it.
the TNT-VHR is still in use, But I "Transformed" it.
It's got a 3.75" Cocobollo platter/Teres bearing, A Teres
reference motor (12v) a home made cocobollo Arm board with
VTA adjuster, & a Schroder model 2 Tonearm with Music maker3 cartridge. Analog forEVER baby.
Phew.... Not chronological: first some Philips record changer, then a Garrard (don't know which), Lenco L75, Akai AP-D2 (I think), Thorens TD166 II, Thorens TD125/SME 3009, Thorens TD 104, Micro Seiki BL10, Thorens TD160 Super/SME IIIS, Sony P-X55, Pioneer PL518-X and finally I settled in a Goldmund Studietto/Goldmund T5/Kiseki Agaat combination.
Took a break for about ten years. But besides that, over the last 30 or so years, I can remember 10. I have three now.
Rega Planar 2 w/RB250
Rega Planar 3 w/RB300
Rega P25 w/RB600
Nottingham Spacedeck w/Spacearm
VPI Scout w/JMW9
VPI Scoutmaster w/JMW9
Linn LP12 / Valhalla / Akito
Same with Ittok
LP12 / Lingo / Ekos 2
'70s BIC and Dual
'80s Ariston, CJ Waler (?)
'90s SOTA
'00s Prospect, TR,2 Oracles, Acoustic Solid

Grand Total is 10, but I'd bet I missed 1 or 2

First one was brought back from the U.S. by my grandfather when I was a kid living in Asia. It was the little plastic box with these little plastic discs that plays music. :-)

Second one was a Technic I bought right after high school. CDs were coming in, and LPs were phasing out. Bought one for like $40 (clearance) and an Audio Technica cartridge. Never got to use it.

Third and current one is the Michell Orbe SE + SME V + Shelter 901. Heard an analog setup several years ago at a hi-fi show. My jaws dropped to the ground, so I started down the analog path soon after.

Been looking at my fourth table. But it costs over $10k used. I don't think I'm that crazy yet. Kid needs to go to college in the future....

Since early 70's: AR with AR tonearm, then Transcriptors Reference with Vestigial tonearm, then Thorens TD125 with Keith Monks tonearm then Alfason tonearm, then Sota Star Sapphire III with Alfason at first and then later the Triplanar, then Notts Hyperspace with Triplanar, now Lenco L75 in giant CLD plinth w/Triplanar. Each of these was at least a little better than the one that went before. I may have forgotten one or two that I owned back in the 70s or 80s. Currently also own a Garrard 301 sans plinth and a Technics SP10 MkII also sans plinth. I plan to do a Lenco/Garrard/Technics shoot-out and pick one (or two) to keep.
Lewm, you caused me to remember my Transcriptor with the Vestigial. I never knew anyone else with one. I also forgot my Sao Win turntable.