How many tube watts for Vandersteen 2's?

In an 8 x 12 room for jazz, female vocalists at moderate volumes how many watts? Is a VTL IT-85 enough, I'm using a YBA Integre right now and it seems okay but I would like to try tubes
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Full day of listening to my newly acquired RM-10. I had it light loaded on the 4ohm tap for the 7ohm rated 2ce sigs. After 4 hours like that and being rather unimpressed by the sound I was getting, I used the 8ohm tap. Far superior in my set up. Sound opened up and more dynamic. I'm not drawing any conclusions obviously but I'm not too anxious to go back to the 4ohm setting either. With my LSA passive preamp at 2-3 o'clock the amp had plenty of juice for the Vandersteens in my sizeable room. The bass is surprisingly tight and full. Any edginess and brightness that I used to have with my ss amp is pretty much gone.
Maybe it was breaking in? I would try the 4ohm tap one more time after it has broken in for a while and you use to the sound of the amp. I'm curious what you think then. A great little amp - isn't it?
I don't believe that light loading the RM10 would reap any benefit while driving the 2ce either, particularly if it sounds better from the 8 ohm tap.
The choice of tap may very well be speaker dependent however,the 8 omh tap has been the definative choice with each and every speaker speaker I have paired it with.
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Ecclectique, any idea why that would be given Roger's comments on the benefits of "light loading"?
Hi Pabul57. I am not sure about Rogers comments with regards light loading however,it is impossible to ascertain with any certainty which tap is appropriate to use as no loudspeaker represents an unchanging impedance at all frequencies.
The 8 ohm tap typically match loads between 4 and 8 ohms, the 4 ohm tap will be a better match for impedances that fall below 4 ohms.

The one thing that I am more than certain of..... The 8 ohm tap is far and away the right impedance choice for the Merlin.