How many times do you play a CD/LP?

Having viewed some of the vast collections of CDs/LPs on this site I wondered how many times a CD or LP is played once purchased. I have only about 200 CDs and find that a few might get played several times and others only once.
I think everyone has albums that they've bought only to find they don't like them and just filed away. However, I've often found that several years down the road I'll pull a few of those out and rediscover them - and LIKE them.

Good example, when I first started listening to jazz I bought a three-fer of Mingus's Bethlehem recordings. I was new to jazz so they were a little more far out than I was(and the cds sounded terrible). I put them away for almost ten years before rediscovering them and now (with a different cd player) they are a listening staple.

Your own tastes will change over time.
The ones I like the most, I play the least. If I play them a lot, I'll tire of them. So my favorites get played once or twice a year.
That makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
It sure does make sense, Rubber. At least for pop/rock music which is comparatively simple music. There are great albums that I no longer wish to hear anymore because I've just heard them too many times. The first one that comes to mind is "So" by Peter Gabriel. A great record, but I just heard it too much and the radio stations still haven't stopped playing it. It sits on my shelf and may never be played again. You never know. Rock and pop music is generally not complex enough to reveal new things to you on the 200th listen.

On the other hand, I still get a rush when I hear "My Generation" by The Who. I've heard that song about a million times. I can't explain (Who pun intended) why I never tire of that one.

Then there's the paradox of money. When I was 10 I listened to Led Zeppelin II about 600 times before I had enough money to buy my next record. Now I buy records a dozen at a time, and rarely do any of them get more than 10 plays.

Finally, as we get older our music taste expands and there's the realization that our time is limited and we can never hear all the music in the world. We didn't think that way when we were kids. So now we plow through the records, giving little time to those that don't really pull us in, and go on searching...

Happy New Year, everyone.

I own around 2000 cds. Started collecting in 1988, so mine have been listened to several times each. We all have faves that get more attention...
here's the deal...the more you have, the fewer you play, and the more you need.....what you collect says a lot about who you are.
I'm always perplexed that people still seek out yet another new and improved copy of Dark Side of The Moon. If there was ever a record that EVERYONE should be tired of that is it. Its great, don't get me wrong, but everyone in America has heard it, what, eight or nine million times?
I agree 100% with both of Grimace's two posts above.
Hey Grimace, I just herd Dark Side today, and plan on going out and buying it, ha. I actually spend more time searching for equipment to play the music I really love, which gets played constantly. The continuous change in music actually bothers me, makes it too hectic which is the antithesis of what my system is for.
If you're standing still as the world changes it'll run you over. (this coming - ironically - from a guy who collects nothing but 50-year old jazz)
Once. Unless it's new to me. then once all the way through it, then those tracks I liked right off. if it's one I like a lot I'll play it each day for a few days... depending.

I seldom buy CDs one at a time. usually a dozen or so at a time, so over the follwoing weeks, I'll concentrate on the new arrivals, and mix in some old favs as the days pass.

I try to stay out of the "I play about six or seven Dsics routinely" camp. I'd have a pretty sucky system if all I could listen to were a handful of CDs... and I've been there too. Never again though.

I tend to go from genre to genre more than from album to album... what I mean by that is I have my defaults of course. I usually wind up immersing myself into one genre predominately for a good while. then I move onto another one I'm not familiar with at the time. Get way into it, find out as much as I can about it... then move on to another... and so on.

Like G'mace said, I will also wind up re-discovering music that I got which at the time, I didn't care for too awful much.

tastes do change.

this path sort of keeps things fresher for me... by the time I return to a more familiar genre, there has been another wealth of unfamiliar recorded music available for me to discover.

contrary to this rule are my usual default/favorites that I'll always check in on routinely. Blues. Contemporary Jazz. R&B. Bluegrass. Country. Big Band jazz. Jazz vocalists. I've a couple favs in each of these areas I'll keep up on no matter what I'm into at the time.

For me, it's more fun this way. Albeit, this past year has been almost all about HT. so I added a couple hunred DVDs to my collection... and only a dozen CDs or so.

Pink's Dark Side wasn't one of them... I already had it on SACD and RB.
never get tired of "dark side of the moon" along with many 60's till now. springsteen, rolling stones, beatles, dylan, the who, ccr, elo, elp, etc. the list goes on and on and on. is that not the point of vinyl that the best stand the test of time. it is not just the listening but the conection great music brings. each time you hear it you relive, hopefully, a great moment or a fond memery or even a frend or loved one no longer around. each time i hear "born to run" i am a teen all over again. if that is simple music i will take it over and over again.