How many things do you have plugged in?

Between my two channel system with TV and VCR (not HT), I have 10!!!! It just struck me as extreme to need that many outlets to listen to music and watch a little TV.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA


A better question might be how much wattage does everything you have in your system draw?

Hmmm. Let's see. 4 downstairs, 7 upstairs. 11.
But, if I had to use candles in order to accomodate my audio equipment, the choice would not be difficult.
3- 1 cd player, 2 amp. Some ht crap in the back of the room which would add 2 more but I can't remember the last time I turned it on(at least 2-3 months).
17 if you count the record cleaning machine, the TV and the surround system. 11 if you count only the two channel system electronics.
14 if you're counting record cleaning machine and power conditioners. That is for 2 channel and HT.
Brad, your so right.


What's your count?

1,672, counting the ice crusher and blender dedicated outlets (you've gotta' experience the difference in truely balanced cryoed outlets on hand-crafted marg's).

9 for two channel
7 more for HT
Lets count, one for each mono, one for the preamp, and one for the CDP! Grand total of 4
cfb - It's good to see your wry (or is it rye?) humor once again. Thanks Kelly.
Brad my system is currently in the process of an overhaul and not set up. Just when I thought digital was bad enough with transports, DAC's, Jitter devices and external power supplies along comes Home Theatre. Imagine trying to bi-amp 7 channels with mono blocks, never mind all the sources and processors. Does any one use expensive after market power cords through out an all out Home Theatre system? I hope that Fire Wire will work for audiophiles. Stop the madness.
I'm doing well @ 8 only, for 2CH. Xtra dedicated line +2 -- total 10 -- if you count the airconditioning (otherwise the amps make room temp uncomfortable).

I wonder if Detlof & Sean have counted theirs.
Greg, I haven't counted them and I don't want to. Reminds me of the electricity bill...awgh