How many stereo lovers have you created?

Can you remember specific individuals who purchased decent quality stereos after hearing yours? I can safely claim 5. All of these were spawned in high school when I had a pair of Magneplanar MG-I improved speakers powered by a Denon integrated amp. Two bought Magnepans and the others box speakers. One of the Magnepan buyers was a female who purchased a pair despite having a limited budget for college. One of the five took up the hobby in a big way and has a great system. He and I are best friends and can spend hours talking about audio. I can recall being smitten with the audio bug listening to my brother in laws Sony system when I was 10. I had my first system (Pioneer and EPI) when I was 13. I suspect many of you can claim more audio offspring than I.
Two, but one of them gave a fairly nice system to his sister as a wedding present.
Lots and lots. I have sold so many JBL's that I should have been given a commission by the company.

Of course, one could say by impressing folks on the JBL sound that I ruined people on "good" stereo equipment.

Let the buyer beware!!!!
Two. A neighbor who has Pucini Integrated amp, Sony SACD/DVD player, Paradigm Reference monitors and Kimber cable. The other is a friend who has a Classe integrated amp, Philips SACD, ProAc 1SC monitors and XLO cable. Both individuals had mid-fi receivers and cheap 10 year old CDP's w/ Yamaha Monitors.
At least 3 so far and a few HT lovers. One of them was not going to spend more than $2K but by the time he loves his system, ended up spending around 8K.
Sadly, none, in my 25+ years in this hobby. All my friends and family just think I'm a psycho. I've met stereo lovers though this hobby, but, I haven't 'created' any. Maybe I'm just a bad salesman..........or maybe....I am a psycho...........
I spent 32 years at General Motors, we had a population of about 15,000 people at one time..kinda like a small city. In those 32 years I helped more people learn about and enjoy this hobby of ours than I could ever remember. Many hours and lots of fun!!!