How many speakers ouyt there are 100+ db sens.????

Just read some interesting on a "system' page and I myself thought at onbe time of juping into SET foray.Why not?My speakers (German Odeon Tosca'a) claimed senstivity was 95db so while I knew I couldn't handg with the 300B/2A3 crowd I bouyght a used Bel Canto with it's huge 845 tube.Boy was it a beutiful piec of machionery.Build qulaity to die for .I was so excited setting it up I almost wet myself.But then "sooooze" (Do I have an LP where main refrain is "snoooze"?).Anyway I ran back to my 40 watt push pull EL34 based EAR 834 integrated promptly but sadly.So while reading this thread a guy see that the system has 95db sens "Abby" (which by all accounts sound like an amazing value at $1200) I wonder about all this.Have thought about some Omega,Cain and Cain,Lowther,decware,bottlehead i.e. cheaper stuff for second system but am I going to find anything other than a 104db Klipsch to get where it should go????
Many thanks/Hope nobopdy is in the slammer because of holidays
Mostly all the hornloaded speakers on this page are close to 100 db or better, and some of the other non hornloaded are also close. Don't make senstivity your primary reason to select. I have heard less efficient speakers sound better than high efficient ones due to the right combination and vice a versa, because the other components
interface well, especially amp and speaker combos.
Boy when I saw (and almost got a hernia) from the Bel cantop I odered fpr my Odeon Tosca;s at 94db effciency I thought I was going to have some trancendant SET experience with the 845's.I am no headbanger but 22 watts just didn't do it.I wonder what happened.I might be that it was so long ago I still had my B&W 8022Matrix III's but even than 22 watts sghould have pushed them as I am sure they didn't go below 87 db.And if any amp could handle imp[edance dips (common with some B&W's) I thought this amp could.I am almosty ready to chcuck the idea of SET and just behapppy I can gte som,e amps to run in triode,.Boy I mis my Mesa bropn that ran 120/90/60 depending if you switched the single ended switch on the fly.There m,aybe some women I misee more but very,very few,
There are many but they may not please you. Very efficient speakers are also abvailable as kits and DIY. Check out the DIY amp makers suggestions many of their amps put out considerably less than 18 watts. Look into horns if you don't mind that sound. Also as you mentioned watch the impedance curves if you are using 845s or any tube amp. I have 89db speakers that are easier to drive with my 40 watt tube amp than my 93db speakers which dip dramatically because they have bigger woofers which draw a lot of power when low octaves are playing. Low powered amps cannot handle low impedance as a rule. BTW I love the sound of an 845 maybe you should bi-amp for the woofers with more powerfull amps even SS. BTW I have 3 sets of speakers with sensitivities greater than 100 db/w/m but they are all vintage and would not be most peoples cup of tea
You might want to add Zu speakers to your recommended list. They are rated at 101 db efficiency and have a nominal impedance of 12 ohms with a low of 8 ohms. These specification should be ideal for small tube amps I would think. Do you have experience or opinion to offer?