How many speakers and AMPS do you own, and why?

This question is one of curiosity, and those that answer or reply must have only one dedicated room in which they listen, no second systems set up etc..I'm generally wondering if I'm the only nut that has numerous pairs of speakers and amps (integrated and seperates). I find it hard to part with them, no rational reason why. Maybe I'm a hoarder, or maybe I'm a collector, or maybe I'm just insane. 


No second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh system or storage? I'm out.

I had 3 pairs of floor standing speakers I couldn't part with in my upstairs room.  Wife reminded me that I promised I would sell the speakers to recoup some of the money.  I sold all 3 pairs within a couple of weeks but kick myself for letting one particular pair go.  I do plan on adding a second pair of speakers to my system upstairs, a pair of Klipsch Cornwall IV just for the fun of it.  Other pair of speakers are JBL L100 Centurys and a SVS 12-inch sub.

2 pairs of speakers. 2 integrates and 2 turntables 2 Phono PreAmps. . Just stuff I have.

I think I get your question… although I have an library headphone system and office system.

I absolutely only own one pair speakers, preamp, DAC, etc., and one amp for my main system. I would never own two or three sets of speakers or amps. My objective is to have the best possible sound… not a bunch of mediocre equipment producing different versions of mediocre sound. When I decide to upgrade my speakers (or whatever) I do enormous amount of research and always reach up a level or two. I trade in my old speakers… scrap together as much money as I can and move up.

I have tried different equipment at the same level and it is a complete waste of money. If you do your research and buy the best sounding equipment you can at the price level you can afford, there is a direct correlation between how much you spend and the sound quality. So, having a bunch of stuff around is just having lots of stuff with different weaknesses.


I have been in this pursuit for 50 years and my systems have relentlessly sounded better and better. Except when I tried investing sideways. My rule is if I am going to upgrade always make sure it is 2x or more… or don’t do it.


Ok, I still have my first high end purchase… a Marantz 2040 integrated amp that I purchased in 1972… it has been collecting dust since 1978. I should have sold it.

I used to keep stuff, and I do miss a few items, my First system for instance, a Marantz 2020, Pioneer turntable with a Shure cartridge, and Advent speakers, but more for nostalgia reasons then anything. So I found it was much more useful to sell the old stuff and use the money to upgrade my main system.

Great replies thus far! Most get the accumulation of stuff not being used, for say, in a second or third system some place else in the house. Just stuff for whatever reason you cannot part with....

For instance, I have 5 turntables, all worth about the same, yet I can only listen to one...I realize I could sell all 5 and spend the money on one that may be substantially better, however I cannot bring myself to part with them...maybe I like the variety of having different types and/or flavors...


"So, having a bunch of stuff around is just having lots of stuff with different weaknesses."

Great point, and something I have not given much thought about....

I have 2 sets of speakers, 3 amps. Keep the extra speakers since major pain to box up and ship, three amps for back ups in case of possible power tube failures. I only have one set of boutique tubes for each, don't care to listen to second rate tubes.


Cool. I remember getting my first high end turntable… a VPI Aries and Van den Hull cartridge. My jaw dropped… goosebumps creeped up my arms and shivers went up and down my back… how was this possible? The background noise just disappeared… the bass slapped me in the chest… voices separated into individual singers.. lyrics I had no clue about suddenly presented themselves clear as day. OMG. How is this possible? This was the best investment I ever made! 

This was the same story for my first real audiophile tape deck, preamp, amp, streamer and speakers. Completely overwhelming. But, not from indiscriminating spending… but intense research and careful investment… 

Excluding the full 7.1 MARTIN LOGAN speakers and 3 YBA power amps driving them in the mancave…

- 4 two-Channel systems = 8 speakers and three amps ( one set of speakers are active)

SIMPLE: I need them in different rooms

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Over a dozen at my home most are giant. I collect restore design and manufacture loudspeakers so that's why.

Just recently sold off my second pair of speakers which I had stored up in an adjacent room (not part of a second(ary) system). I only have one setup and listening room, that’s it; one pair of main speakers + a pair of subs, and three stereo amps covering their respective driver segment as part of an active setup. No double up (or more) with the remaining gear - not even cables, though I have some additional lengths of Mundorf Silver/Gold interconnect wire, some RCA and Neutrik XLR and speaker connectors, plus a stereo length of Duelund tinned copper speaker cables that I used in a shotgun config. at one point.

I bought my current speakers 2nd hand (from a cinema in Germany) in a slightly different version with smaller horns on top than what I have now, really as an experiment into active configuration. By no means were they a random this-will-have-to-do choice; I knew the speakers, not least the MF/HF comp. driver very well from reputation in their pro cinema segment, and only had to add a third amp for the mid bass section (the digital XO and the rest I had already). I thus embarked on the active from-ground-up journey while still having my other pair of all-horn, passively configured speakers as a back-up. Eventually I replaced the MF/HF horns with their larger big-auditorium sibling (using the same comp. driver, which was orig. developed for use with the this larger horn), which fits with their mounting kit on the same bass bin as this was actually the original design intended with the larger horn.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Beautifully finished, handmade all-horn speakers, lovely as they were, gave their place to an industrial product, looking that as well. Some of my audio friends, prior to listening to my current speaker setup, uttered: "How could you do it??" The lament was obvious - that is, until listening had its say. Those Uccello’s (my previous speakers) were wonderful, though. Some of the best midrange I’ve ever heard, and I sorely miss their beautiful wood finish (that actually felt, looked and smelled like wood). Oh well..

At the moment I have just one phono pre, power conditioner, and one pair of speakers. I have two subs, two turntables, two preamps and 5 power amps (3 of one kind). 7 of those pieces are old school stuff from 70's and 80's.


Luv that Just One. The man must have a will of iron.

I had just one turntable a VPI TNT One and a Versa 1.2. Oh wait ...

I had just two turntables both from the last century and then Upscale got me with a sale on the VPI Avenger with printed arm. This was the top VPI arm not so long ago. Since then the turntables have bred like rabbits. 

Next was a Clearaudio Panzer with Universal and TT5 arm for a Goldfinger and a Koetsu Blue Lace diamond. Neither cartridge worked in the TT5. Put the Goldfinger in the Universal arm which worked great. Then I made the mistake of asking the dealer what was the ideal arm/turntable for the Koetsu. Now I'm waiting on a Grand Prix/Triplanar which they promise will be ready real soon now.

Still can't believe the Goldfinger wouldn't work in their own arm. Prolly never occurred to them that some madman would put their top cartridge in an entry level arm. 

* phono stages: two Lumis, two Manley Steelheads and a Nagra Classic in a pear tree. See! Just one Nagra.


Oh wait the topic was speakers and amps.

1. Eminent Tech Super LFT8 and Manley Lab 440.

2. Gallo Nucleus Reference and Manley Stingray

3. Replica JBL Hartsfield and VTL 500

Let’s see….21 speakers (not pairs, and 4 not currently in use), 9 amps/preamps/AVR’s.

Why? 3 separate systems. 


Lol, yea, perhaps in numbers, but not all of it is very impressive in terms of quality….much of it just does it’s job (pretty well) for non critical listening/theater setups.