How many spare cables and power cords do you have?

Today I was cleaning up my listening room and it has dawned on me that I am gathering quite a collection of cables. I thought of selling them, but then again, maybe I should keep them for testing purposes.

Just how many spare cords do I need? How many do most audiophiles have?
To many...SIX!
I have a big box-O-spare cables. Never know when your going to need a cable.
Two milk cartons full, nicely coiled.
I try to keep it down. Right now I have three extra power cords and two extra sets of interconnects (and perhaps one too many power conditioners). I assume that's on the modest end of this pursuit!
Two digital cables. Maybe close to ten pairs of interconnects. At least two sets of speaker cables. Who knows how many power cords.

Although some cheapos are in the mix, it's still a shitload for sure. Thanks for reminding me, I think I'll put up a bunch of 'em for sale.
2 PCs, 3 or 4 pairs of ICs, 2 pairs of speaker cables, at least 3 digital coaxials and one new unused optical. All are neatly colied in large clear tupperware plastic boxes. Thats just the fairly good stuff.

Unkown numbers of cheap ICs, Coaxial cable, S-video, and stock PCs. Dozens of feet of bulk speaker cable and excess 12 volt power cabling. Boxes of automotive speakers, a couple of extra car amps, a boxed up unused Rotel CD player, etc. etc.

Aww geez, I have it bad. What types are ya selling Gunbei?
Essentially none.

I keep what is best and sell the rest.

The only exception to this is power cords, as I keep the stock cords, so if I sell a product, I have to original cord.

Hey Distortion,

It seems we have identical boxes-o-stuff! Heheh.

I did a preamp comparo a few months ago and for that I needed different combos [balanced/RCA, silver/copper] of Acoustic Zen cables for the test.

Off the top of my head I'll probably end up selling:
- 8 foot biwired pair of AZ Hologram II w/ Z-Spades
- One meter balanced pair of AZ Matrix Ref II
- One meter single-ended pair of AZ Silver Ref II
- One meter Virtual Dynamics Nite digital
- Two one meter pairs of VD Audition interconnect
- 8 foot biwired pair of VD Audition speaker cable w/ WBT termination.

I still haven't made up my mind if I'll put all those cables up for sale, I'll think about it this weenekend. The other cheaper stuff [Monster, Tara, AQ, MIT] I'll probably keep around for my home theater system.

How about you?
Wow, that is a top-shelf box-o-goodies. My soon to be wife says I must stop or face the firing squad. Sigh.

I will probably keep this stuff around. I have new house plans, which calls for a bonus room above the garage. Keep it on the lowdown, but I foresee a second system. Monitor based with two channels. Maybe an integrated.

As far as the boxes go. I find myself walking down the isle at Lowes looking for new/different containers every time I am in the store. Do I need help or what? Well, at least I entertain myself.