How many spacers for a dynavector xx-2 mk2 on a rega.

Hi everyone i have recently purchased a  dynavector XX-2 MK2 for $350 with a about 600hours on it, for my Rega rp8. My only question is I have 2 stainless steal 2mm spacers for tone arm vta. I have one installed already for my old cartridge a dynavector 20X2. But since the xx2 being 1mm taller, should a guy install the second one. Half of my record collection is mostly 180gram vinyl and have a 200gram boxset that I demo and listen to the most. My only question is it better for the tonearm with the cartridge pointed up, or down with the different gram records? I don't like to always adjust things including vta. I am a plug and play kind of guy and don't fuss about things being dead on perfect. Hens thats why i bought a rega rp8. Though in odd cases i was wondering which would it be better pointed up or down for some records. And how may spacers's let me know your thoughts.
Since your tonearm does not have the ability for fine adjusting VTA, I would suggest setting the tonearm spacers so that the cartridge top is parallel to the platter.  If the stylus is properly affixed to the cantilever, this should get you very close to optimum.  BTW, $350 for 600hr used XX2 Mk2 is a steal!
Jake, sorry I can't answer your question, but I have a question for you regarding the spacers you are using on your RP-8. Are they the type that slide under the tonearm or are you using the Rega spacers which require removing the wiring? I currently have a P3-24 with Isokinetik spacers that slide under the arm. Isokinetik is not currently offering similar spacers for the RB808 tonearm. I am asking because I may upgrade to the RP8 in the future. Thanks.