How many seats in home screening room?

I am looking for advice with regard to the placement of the speakers and seating in a den I am rebuilding into a screening room. All other advice is greatly appreciated and generally fun to read. My concern is to achieve excellent audio for the front seat (mine) when I am alone and also the best sound for all viewers when the room is filled. I recognize that there are trade-offs, so, I am soliciting experienced advice as to the best trade-offs. The room is designed for home theater not my two channel stereo. I have not decided on which center channel speaker. Advice welcome. The dimensions are 26 feet long, 16 feet wide, ceiling eight feet high on the 16 foot walls and 14 high in the center (cathedral ceiling). I plan on a minimum of six fixed position theater seats and a maximum of ten seats. I anticipate having at least two levels of seating. I also am open to raising the television, a 60", so that it is at least at eye level for the first row. My current audio setup is: Dunlavy SC-IV front speakers, Dunlavy SC-1AV rear speakers, HSU powered sub, (2) Citation 7.1 amps(4x150) bi-amped to the front speakers, Lexicon DC-1 pre-amp, Panasonic H1000 DVD. What would you do? Thanks, Bill
I have not listened to any of your audio components and cannot comment on their potential. But if you really want good audio, I would make sure that the entire HT system could be switched out, turned completely, 100% off leaving you with a discreet 2 channel system for music when you are sitting alone in the center chair. I agree with the view that many center channel speakers are bogus and would explore the idea of a "phantom" center channel or perhaps a 3rd matching speaker if you really think you need it. I love movies, I am sympathetic to your challenge and I wish you luck. In my experience, however, this problem is sort of like saying that you want to train to become a Formula One race car driver but you also need to car pool for the Cub Scouts a couple of times a week.
Cwlondon: I can and do switch off the system when I'm alone and I too prefer that sound. You know...when I was racing Formula One I still had to jet my kids to the Cub Scouts... Thanks, Bill
Get Robert Harley's book, "The Complete Guide to High End Audio" (2nd edition).
A couple of thoughts. First, I would definetly use a Dunlavy center speaker. I have found mismatching the front to be a real problem, especially as you migrate to dvda or other multichannel audio.(I use Aerial) Secondly, I would consider couches instead of fixed seats, at least in part. We have found that couches tend to be much better for entertaining, especially if kids are involved, which they tend to be. Lastly, I would consider the possibility of seven channels, with the last in the ceiling in the rear. Cathedral ceilings pose issues related to sound cancelling out other sound based on the exact angles of the various walls and how the speakers tend to be located. Lastly, if you are going to use a tv, I would definetly raise it for both the benefit of front and back. Having said that I use front projection with a drop down Stewart and absolutely love it. Good luck.
Emster: How many seats do you feel is optimum? Which configuration? Thanks, Bill
Bill, I have two couches in the room. The front seats three-four adults and the rear seats four to six adults. IMHO, my room at 15x23 works best with about six people. The rear couch is on a riser of about 8 inches so there is good viewing for all.