How many sealed LP's do you have?

About 40 at last count. I plan on playing them,but when they get here I just can't do do it. Well maybe some day.

I had a sealed UHQR Mobile Fidelity Dark Side of The Moon.
Last time I checked it was selling for $900.00.I wonder if its still sealed?
About 50.Most are waiting for the right moment. Some are doubles, and a few I have in another format. Some I am keeping for a special audience with some bottles in the cellar.
Only duplicates that I hope will rise in value. I couldn't stand the not listening. It would be much easier to keep a CD sealed.
I have not counted them but I probably have at least 40 as well. They are mostly extra copys of lp's I already own or maybe a couple of ones that I have not listened to for a long time and need to open, like a sealed first ed of Jethro Tull living in the past and Thick as a brick mofi. I could go on but you get the idea.
How about: I'm at the used record store, looking at an LP I think I want, buy it, get it home, only to find I already have it and didn't know it.. has happened more than once.
I have dozens but they're unopened only because I haven’t got to them yet. I obtain my LPs for listening purposes but some how don't have enough time to listen as much as I'd like. When my other half goes away on work related jaunts I'm able to listen at will, even to Sun Ra or Zappa or John Cage and those unopened LPs. Where did I put those suckers??
About 6 months ago I came across about 20 sealed Lp's, and decided to listen to a few of them.

What I found, was that more than a couple of them were warped due to the shrinkwrap.

I decided to slit the end of the shrinkwrap on a few of the Lp's so as to relieve the stress--

I am not sure if this is indeed a solution. Any thoughts on this being effective?

It is a major dissapointment to open a really awesome title and find nothing more than a frisbee :(

Now I have mixed feelings on sealed Lp's....

Grrr grumble growl

I grew up in the "Smoke 'Em if Ya Got 'Em" era, but I suppose many are worth more monetarily if left unheard.
I have found around 40 or so also. All have been opened by me to play.
The most common of all are Columbia Classical six eye stereos. Then two eye with black stereo word at bottom. Some were not covered with a platic outer, but the inner Columbia 'baggie' was still sealed.
A few Columbis Jazz of Brubeck too.
I am not much on hold and sell. If I am lucky enough to find it, I play it.
Remember that PLENTY of these so called sealed LPs are just re-sealed copies. I NEVER believe that any LP that is sealed is a genuine original never played sealed LP, until I open it up. (Sometimes key markers such as a $2.99 price tag from some 1960's store like "Treasure Island", or a $2.69 price from a major retailer like "Boston Store" "Macy's" etc is on the LP plastic wrap. Then I am more inclined to believe it is real))
I have none. I listen to music.
I don't have any either - they get ripped open like a kid in a candy store. I guess collectors would be the ones that keep them unopened.

I sure don't consider myself to be a collector. Some times I just think I'll wait for a special time.

About 40: Mostly Mo Fi Beatles, Elton John, Blind Faith, Jethro Tull. This is mainly due to my turn table being in the attic since I got married 7 years ago. But alass it is now out and awaiting a new cartridge.
I'm working up my nerve to break the cellophane on a sealed copy of Solti's 'Ring'. My present copy is in good shape except for a few tics and pops, so I grabbed the sealed set when it showed up. Just staring at that huge box and noting the four sealed boxes nestled inside is kind of exciting. (If you guys understand that, you're even more nerdly than I!)

I have broken the seal on John Culshaw's 'Ring Resounding', which came with this new set. Read it in a single sitting. It's a wonderful book from a true pioneer in stereo recording and reproduction. Highly recommended, even if you don't like opera it's a worthwhile read. Culshaw's views on home audio reproduction vs. live performance were vastly ahead of their time.
Hmmm ... let's see. 30 sealed Mo-Fi, plus one sealed UHQR "Crime of the Century;" 2 sealed Japanese Pro-Use "Dark Side of the Moon;" 31 sealed audiophile (non-Mo-Fi), including a sealed direct-to-disc Natutilus Klemmer "Straight From the Heart" and a sealed Mastersound "WYWH;" a sealed "All Things Must Pass" box; and 27 non-audiophile sealed LPs.