How many satisfied AudioMeca Mephisto 2x owners

Hello fellow Audiogoners, am narrowing down my choices for a cd player that will carry me though my fifties. I am trying to get feedback from AudioMeca owners, especially when it comes to customer support, reliability, and performance. Any replies, either long or short will be greatly appreciated.
I own the AMMII.x for 8 monhts now and it is operating flawless (however it is sensible to static charches when it is cleaned turned on. So I only clean it when it's turned off. I think that's why mr Lurné advises a chamois to clean it. I use a synthetic cloth, so...)
I also contacted mr. Lurné for special cables between the player and the powersupply (made in small amounts only and as a prototype. According to mr. Lurné they have never enough time left to finish them for the commercial market)
And they do work! Especialy for the dac and in a lesser way for the servo. There is even more bass fundament (did I ever missed it?) and there is a more organic sound to the whole picture.
I have searched a long time (doubting over SACD and redbook), heared Audio Research CD3 (dull), Mark Levinson 390S (to lifeless), Audio Aero MKII (very tempting) but it was the AMM we went for. For us it were the fleshed out voices and the organic way of presenting the music.
Of course this is only my story, equipment, etc and you do have to listen for your self in your own enviroment to make a decision. Good luck!!
I got my Mephisto IIx a year ago. It was one of the first unit shipped to the US. I decided to get one after a very careful review of various unit available at that time, including AA, CD3, CD12, ML37/360S, ML39. For the money, the MIIx was definitely the most musical transport for me (i listen mostly to classical and I am a trained professional music player).
Now, I must also say that I have gone through a lot of problems: CD mechanism tracking issues, circuit breaker going off erratically... But the unit is so good that I have kept my cools and have patiently accepted lower than usual service levels. Not so much from Audiomeca but from the various dealers here in the US. I am still very doubtful of the true added value of dealers, but that is another story.
It appeared that my unit was defective in the first place. No issues to get it replaced and P. Lurne is really helpful.

Audiomeca is a family business and Pierre is an artist in sound reproduction. So, when one buys Audiomeca, one has to understand that one is not buying from a big corporation... but guess what... they truly support their products... they answer emails... they look for solutions...becasue they are passionate about their products...

So you are not going to be f.... by such moronities like 'no transferrable warranty' or arrogant behaviour like with VTl or Krell that I have encountered for the last two years.
I've had my Mephisto 2x Mod 2, for less than a week. I've been burning it in with the supplied disc. So far no problems, and the sound, at least through headphones, is fantastic. I'll have my speakers and Integrated amp in two weeks, and then I'll get the full measure of what this player is capable of. I'd also be very interested in those special cables of Mr. Lumes, perhaps I should email him. My only issue with the player is actually a missing part, or what I assume is a missing part. The supplied power cord has to posts that look like you fit a 3 prong plug on them, but no plug was supplied. I've gone through the dealer I bought it from to get the part. Hopefully my experience with Audiomeca dealers will be better than what's been reported here.
I purchased my Audiomeca from an Audiogon dealer(Perrotta Consulting) about a year ago and haven't had one problem. I have had very strong dealer support( repeat customer ,thanks Anthony)and am quite pleased. It is an exceptional unit that not only looks beautiful but also has the most analog sound I have heard from digital in my system. I have a large cd collection approaching 6000 and I wanted a one box player that gave me the best reproduction I could afford. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this player or the dealer.
I have owned a IIx transport for almost a year now. Apart from the fact that it does not like static electricity (it's little electronic brain gets screwed up and needs to be turned off for a minute or so) I love it! Very realistic and detailed presentation - a most musical piece of equipment. I have had no service issues, though I have heard that the Audiomeca people in France can be difficult to get hold of at times. All in all a superior transport which holds its own with some other fine transports.
I have owned a Mephi II.X for about 4 months now, and can say that it has performed perfectly. Put simply, it sounds very good IMS, presenting a very neutral and 'complete' sonic picture.

The 2.X model is NOT overly-lush, dynamically-limited or rolled-off like some of the earlier models. (Keep in mind that I say this from the perspective of using a very neutral tube-hybrid preamp and a SS amp combo).

My complaints for Monsieur Lurne-

1>It must be level to prevent tracking errors (though there is a bubble-level and adjusters built right into the chassis, so that ain't hard to accomplish)

2>The awesome-looking metacrylic chassis requires very delicate handling when cleaning

3>There is NO dimmer for the bright blue display (though it is not glary or obnoxious looking)

4>The remote is way-cheap given the price for this thing

5>It takes up alot of rack space (including a spot for the external power supply)

These are all minor quibbles given the sound quality...