How many SACD / Blu-ray audio / DVD audio / etc do you own?

I'm having a hard time increasing the size of my "collection" of media that is higher resolution than CD...  I'm not really wanting to build a large library of digital files, if I can avoid it.  Wondering what people have been able to amass?  I'm down to about 450 LPs and about 900 CDs having reduced my keepers but the other hard media is not even up into the dozens.  If this post attracts many replies, I will scrape numbers out and state a summary at end of Q1 2022.




Better than CD?

Are you aware, SACD’s are very often converted to PCM (CD redbook 44.1) prior to being converted to Analog?. It can also vary regarding which output’s are being used it seems. Hard research often does not reveal specific answers.

In that case, the SACD's ’better resolution’ involved during the recording stage is retained, but you are no longer listening to higher resolution.