How many records do you own?

I sure this has been asked, but our collections grow and change. How many do you have and what kinds of music do you have? Where do you get most of your pressings?

I have around 4000, 1/4 - 1/3 are classical, 1/4 are folk and bluegrass, 1/4 jazz and the rest rock. Would like more Jazz.
I buy most of mine from garage sales and used record stores.
Just now finding out about new pressings and 180-220 gram discs!!!!
about 600, I started about 2 years ago. About 1/4 are heavy metal/rock, and the balance are classical. 10% from record stores, 5% from eBay, 75% from used record stores, and 10% from either people giving them to me or selling them to me.
About 2000, mostly 80's new wave, New order, China Crisis, Wire train, Depeche mode etc...Some Heavy metal and POP.

Threw about 3500 away, a few years ago. Mostly old jazz and classical and some unbearable pop records, like Captain and Tenielle, Dave Brubeck and Perry Como. None of the record stores or "collectors" wanted to come get them. So off to Dumpsterville.
Been at this for about two years now and have around 700, 50% 60s-70s rock and 50% jazz. I buy 90% from used record stores as there are about a dozen stores within 40 miles of me and 10% off the internet.
I have about 2000 rock and classical make up most of the records with the rest folk and bluegrass/contry. I need more folk records anybody want to give some up ?
Over 4,000 (that's the number at which I stopped counting when packing up the collection for a *big move* last November. (My back still hurts!) That number includes the first LP I bought back in '62. I accumulated LPs, more or less steadily, thru the 70's into the early 80's, when I got "side-tracked" for a few years by seedees. Started collecting again in the late 90's and am still at it!
Approximately 400 - 450. The strange thing is I just purchaced a turntable for my 16 year old daughter. She found a record shop selling used vinyl and is enthusiastic. Probably a short lived phase but I don't want to discourage her.
About 600 Jazz records and holding steady but still buying. I go for quality over quantity. I figure I listen to about 300 - 400 different records a year so much more than that and I would be buying records which would just sit on the shelf for years. I'd rather have the 500 best jazz albums from the 50-60's than just collect for collectings sake.
i started a month ago .
i have 40 LP's right now .
rock and jazz mostly.

half are new pressings and 1/2 are old lp's
Not. . . enough! Never. . . enough. . .rekkids! Must. . .have. . .more!
i have about 300 LPs,all kinds of music,
not enough to justify the cost of my table & cartrige...
time to buy more records....
I'm with diamonddude........... anyone wanna give some of those old records up? BTW I had a group of audio buddy's over recently and we were comparing CD players (of the over $5,000 variety) and most of it was splitting hairs between the two. Then I put on an LP of the same CD we had been listening to without telling anyone. Everyone was gobsmacked to say the least.
Started back on Lps about two years ago... (after twenty years of CeeDees)
I have about 11,000 LPs
3,000 All Music Guide 4 or 5 star Rock
6,000+ Classical
2,800 Jazz (also 4 and 5 star in All Music Guide)
I have just added 250 CeeDee Jazz titles since Christmas (I gave up on finding any great Blue Note Jazz LPs, so I bought the CeeDees)
I have tossed out another 3,000 LPs I bought (when I first started buying) but found scratch free copies
Elizabeth - There are lots of great, original Blue Note LP's on Ebay - you just have to figure on spending $50 to "skys the limit" for them. I guess the relevant question is "At what price differential is an inferior cd or sacd preferable to a near mint original LP"? My limit is $200 for something really special but for the most part $50 - $100 for near mint quality. That's why I don't buy as many LP's as others on this thread but probably haven't spent much more in total.
My limit is CeeDee retail.
I did pay a bunch for a few LPs..
But most of my Classical and Rock were in the twenty CENT range.
My Jazz I admit is mostly in the $3 to $10 range.
So no way would I pay $50 for a scratched up original Bluenote. When the good copies cost $200. I will buy the CeeDee for $8.
And at least I can FIND the CeeDees... unlike the LPs.
(the Jazz LPs I have are whatever I can find that is available, at a low price, (like the Illinois Jaquet LP for ten cents)that is a four or five star item in the All Music Guide to Jazz. I am new to Jazz so I do not have a good idea of what is what, and the AMG has been a great resource for me, way better than the Penguin Guide)
About 700 total. About 690 of that total was purchased prior to 1985. I probably listen to no more than 5 lp's per year.

I'm overhauling my system right now, I will listen to more vinyl when the overhaul is complete. The overhaul will include about $3k of new tuntable, arm and cartridge. I will also get myself a good record cleaning machine.
About 1,400, predominately classical, but some terrific jazz and blues recordings. Used to have three times as many but gave most away years ago. I dumped B and C-quality recordings and performances mostly, nothing I was in love with. My wife, who plays piano and horn and composes for fun, appreciates LPs more than CDs and chides me still for unloading so many. Frankly, my turntable setup (a legacy rega planar 3 with grace cartridge) doesn't do the best of them justice. Still, we continue to buy LPs at second hand shops when they look interesting. I only bought a couple of "new" vinyl recording in the past decade however. Lacking a really good turnatable, I don't see the point.