How many power conditioners do you own and use?

Yes,I stole this from a past "How many amps" thread. I'm talking about in use all the time pc's.

To start with I have a Pioneer Elite rptv in the front of the room--AM Stealth

A Sharp overhead projector in the rear.--CFX

My CJ 5's mono blocks are so hungry;nothing else can be on the same line or pc --AM Stealth

Amp for the rears-White Labs-takes more power than a single CJ and a 400 wt Eagle 4 for the center--Chang 1,000

For the front end, TT vpi- LD/CD Theta- DVD, Pan pro scan, dac- Theta-- Custom Power Cord Co 4 rec. device Piggybacked for the elite rptv a Monster AVS 2000,

Also 2 sat boxes,1 reg 1 HD /Purcell up sampler/ Active sheilding box from SR/ 2 box processor for DD DTDS/ 2 vcr's/ Cat 3 The PC.

retail of all 6 is over 10k--Over kill??
How many U got ?
I use a Tice Signature Power Block IIIC HP with my main system source components and amps. It's built like a tank, and I like the fact that it has two plugs so I can source from two different wall sockets if need be. It can support the draw of my two 500 watt monoblocks. I liked its build quality so much that I bought a Tice Solo High Current (also built like a rock) to support my subwoofers and video equipment at the other end of the room. Try as I might, I can't audibly identify the benefits of the Tice TPT treatment, however.

I use an Audio Power Industries PowerPack II with my Sunroom System, which doesn't have high current requirements. I use a Panamax Max 1000+ and an Isotel 4-socket unit with my Library system, which includes a smallish TV. The Panamax doesn't approach the build quality of the Tices or API. The Isotel supports the TV and CATV box. I use a Radio Shack power strip with my Bedroom system, where I don't do any critical listening.

Sorry for rambling. I'm sure this is more than you want to know.
george: so i think perhaps you need to drop the "av" part of your moniker. in answer to your question: zero.

Many audio designers I've spoken to DO NOT recommend power conditioners. Good power supplies inherent in quality gear and decent cords to filter out airborn nasties are more than sufficient. Save the money on power conditioners and spend it on music and live concerts.
I now use the Audio Tekne power conditioner. I have everything plugged into it including 2 amps. Replaced Tice and Ps power plants.
Hi George; Main system = zero. My main stereo rig has a complete dedicated AC system with 5 dedicated HQ duplex outlets. For accessories I use a Monster HTS 1000, mainly for its many outlets ($100.) In a second TV based system, but with stereo components, I use an Adcom 515, (about $100.) for its conditioning plus it's outlets. Cheers. Craig.
I sort of agree with Jeff. Many designers don't recommend power conditioners, however the high quality power supplies and circuits they build into their gear is in many regards a custom power condtioner. They have aready tweeked the power going in.

The power in my area, is decent but not the best, so I find conditioning a must. I have also become fan of some of the parallel filters on the market by Blue Circle, Richard Gray and Audio Prism. A parallel filter by being parallel is not in the way of the power flow. Some power cords do a nice job also. I have conditioners by Vanevers and Audio Power, as well as the Blue Circle and Audio Prism parallel filters in various spots.

Amplification aside, I find power conditioning a must for the best video performance in an HT system.

I was shooting for the closet, power conditioner junkies. Very few,so far.Maybe because I live in a 94 unit complex has something to do with it.

The 2 biggest improvemets: The Chang 1000;for the rptv.Adds brightness/whiter whites blacker blacks deeper colors etc / thus more shadow detail-all of it.The set has been calibrated;thus no blooming.

For audio: My CJ's were on a sep. line that has nothing else on it period. I borrowed this from a 15 amp heater. The CJ's when plugged into the A M Stealth via a K Cobra go to a completely different level.--Like speakers on steroids/ much more dynamic more bass and low level detail,cleaner top to bottom. If you had heard them the day before these two items were added--you would have to agree; It's just there.

As I have said,I don't live in a house where dedicated lines are a possibility.

Kel; If I drop av then I'd be guygeorge-- Boy george's cousin??
I have one. It's a dedicated 220V line with a step down toroidal transformer to 110V with balanced poles and 4 separate filters (each for 4 lines--analog, digital, projection TV, and amps). It's simple, cost effective, and gets the job done.
avguygeorge: you're right. stick with the "av" part. i doubt you'd look good in a dress.

3 APC Line-R 600s and 1 1250 for my amp. leo.
None. Maybe because when we moved in here almost 14 years ago the power company asked if it was OK if they ran a new line from the pole underground to the house. I was upgrading the fuse box to breakers at the time & the only additional expense was a new meter. I hear no audible noise from the system at all at idle. All the wall outlets are in phase & grounded.
Driver is lucky that he apparently was able to supervise the installation of the line running from the pole to his house. I can't even supervise the cable TV guys who come in; after they've left, nothing turns on or records and the picture on the TV is tinged w/red. As for power conditioners, I use one on each of my audio systems (Ensemble Isolink and Power Point on my big system, amp directly into the wall; PS Audio 300 on my small system, amp directly into the wall) but none on my TV system, since I never do any real audio listening in there. But from the posts here, it seems I should rethink that and maybe get a conditioner for the TV set at least. Any recommendations?