How many People own Working Reel to Reel Decks?

I just bought a very nice condition Revox A-77 on Ebay and I have to say I love the sound of tape. I wish I had done this years ago when it made more sense. I see that good quality reel to reel decks are getting snapped up on Ebay and I am wondering who is buying them and what they plan on listening to (prerecorded music or tapes they make). How many people here on audiogon actually own a reel to reel that works and they use it regularly? Thanks.
Well thank For the threed I Have Crown 700 series deck which is in storage right now and I will get it back out in about a month and hook it up. I wonder what it sounds like now. I used the heck out of it for years and years. don't know how I got it here from the east coast, but it was still sounding great back then ( 1980 ) and as I said I just used the thing continuously until 1987 when successive moves lost it as it went into storage and now I look forward to getting it going again. So I will hear what it sounds like now.
In am interested in purchasing an AKIA GX635 in good working condition. I have a Revox A77 Mk III. The right channel is out and the 3 3/4 speed is not playing correctly. Any help out there?
Revox 77 mk2 1/2 track hi speed
two mics straight in relavatory
a few european master tapes in collection and stuff I do myself..
got the bug for Tape project and Acoustic Sounds tape subscription... $$$$$$
also i have a nice Wadia A to D converter so with same performance, signal chain going to tape and digital  I know what good digital is...and is not....
if i dive off the end it would be modificatins to incorporate external Bottlehead electronics...